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Surf prep

After a long afternoon making the most of it…

Slow cooking fish

..the fish (fresh from Mortehoe) were slow-cooked on the BrillBarbie

Snug H

Snug F

Late starting and very slow, so the boy’s snugged down for the evening.

Tucking in

But it was well worth it. Super dinner and the perfect end to a lovely break down in Woolacombe with the FabFour™




sun worship

Sun worshipping

Twentyfirst Century


Sofa snoozing


A bit of Sculpture-Culture at Broomhill hotel and gardens . Absolutely top grub too.

Chilling in Woolacombe


Woolacombe when the summer arrived. Busy, but nicely busy.

waiting for that perfect wave

F (doesn’t he look like H?) waiting for that perfect wave (it arrived, two days later).

Torch Relay in Wallingford

relay crowd

There’s a flame in there somewhere.

I need coffee…

Coffee Machine

Bird Life

Great Tit