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The Lookouts

Men at C&A

Blowy Rame Head

Windy Ridge

Windy walk almost ended with us being blown off the ridge to Ram Head Chapel.

Cheap Seats

In the cheap seats

Sometimes you just have to watch it where you can.

Euro 2012.

It’s just a number


Force 9

Where's the bath

Stormy Seas

White hut view

The campers packed up just in time. A Force 9 (aka Strong Gale) hit overnight.

By the morning we had a foam filled bay and white caps still visible out to the horizon.


Waiting on Pub Grub

Pub Grub

Decent grub in the Cross Keys Kingsand & Cawsand .


Moth Head

Moth Hand

Shipping Seascapes

Murky Submarine

Sub in the murk.

Possibly HMS Monmouth

Frigate, I think. HMS Monmouth possibly.

Ball Skills

Ball Head Stand

Heads up.

Ball Kick

Foot skills.

Ball Balance


Ball Head




I think someone found a fishing net.

It was a *long* drag home.



Clive & Jane had a copy of Albert Waugh’s “ Sundials: Their Theory and Construction ”. A fascinating read. H spied a wonderful portable sundial which we promptly put through its paces on the front deck.

To-do: build a sundial for the garden.

Return of the dog walker

Return of the dog walker

Bath with a View

Bath with a view

The second-best bath view in the world. The first is obviously the pacific from La Push (although there’s no published pictures of that one ;-))

Beach Scouting

Cliff Path

First job at the hut, scout the cliff path to the beach. Steep, slippy and in places ‘hairy’ too. Time to beach: boys 10 mins; adults 17.5 mins; Ewok 30 seconds.

I see no ships

“I see no ships”.

Dive boats above HMS Scylla

Except the dive boats above HMS Scylla .

Proper Walk

A very proper walk. And good aerobic training going back up.

Beach Cricket

Beach Cricket

Bowling was a tad tricky on the stony wicket but we did discover an awesome fielder in the family. Ewok.

Proper Walk

Proper Walk

Another in the occasional series .


Within the Termite Mound

The termite installation.

Vertical Drop

The vertical drop.

Both at Escot .

Breakfast on Beer Beach

Ewok and Friends

Chilling on the beach

Juggling stumps

Breakfast (fried!) at Ducky’s, Chapple’s or Kenno’s cafes on Beer Beach
(I canna remember which captain).

Ewok Shearing

Dog shearing

No, it has absolutely nothing to do with ‘ bad hair day ’.

May in the garden






Last year May in the garden came early. This year lots of rain meant it’s arrived late.

Past May in the Gardens: 2011 , 2010 , 2009 , 2008 , 2007 , 2006 , 2005 .

Bad hair day

New Hair Day

…and for a while I *really* thought I’d found a solution.



More chicks . This time in a proper bird box. There’s new bird life everywhere this year: garage, holly tree, rosemary bush. bird house, bird box, loft, ivy, hedge…

Green and red mini

Green and red mini no slap-backs

Chelsea Green and Red Mini. no slap-backs.

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Padstow Wedding Weekend

Wedding Guest Reflection

iPhone wedding photog

Padstow. A special place for a special wedding between two special people.

Minor's in Padstow

Cake, We like.


PI in a box

Pi in a box

You can even view c r o s s o a k with it.

The Cow


We have new neighbours. Here’s one of them.