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The mud. Textured.

[ The mud. Textured. on flickr.]

Help with the mud

[ Help with the mud on flickr.]

Pictures from a Collection of Christmas Cousins

Christmas Cousins

Christmas Cousins

Christmas Cousins

Christmas Cousins

Christmas Cousins

Christmas Cousins

Christmas Cousin

Pictures from a Christmas Day Walk

Christmas Day Walk

Christmas Day Walk

Christmas Day Walk

Christmas Day Walk

Christmas Day Walk

Christmas Day Walk

Christmas Day Walk

Christmas Day Walk

The Boys


Mr Finn and Mr Ewok.

Finn is Ten

Finn is Ten

Oh yes!

What happened


First, there was a house.


Then there was an incident.


And after, less house than before.

Christmas Prep

Christmas prep

Christmas prep

Christmas prep

Little F was in charge of tree decorating. Tree decorated.

White Hut Break


Sand and sea

A wonderful break and the ever-lovely White Hut . Fantastic winter views (although not as stormy as the last visit ).

Colourful Kettle

Colourful Kettle

Weather delay view #14 at Prague Airport

[ Weather delay view #14 at Prague Airport on flickr.]

Morning Prague

[ Morning Prague on flickr.]

Prague, church, at night

[ Prague, church, at night on flickr.]

The contents of a ham and cheese sandwich at 35k feet

[ The contents of a ham and cheese sandwich at 35k feet on flickr.]

Sports Leader

Ford Sports Leader

Little H is growing up. Responsibilities increasing.

Old mouldy window

Old Window

Will this be the last winter for the old, mouldy, windows? I hope so!

With granddad

[ With granddad on flickr.]

The Red Lamp

The Red Lamp

The lonely bird feeder


Art Material Storage

Art Material Storage

The Gardener


Our gardener has done rather a fantastic job with the mud pit at the bottom of the garden. What a difference a year makes !


Homework Zone

The shed makes an awesome place to do homework. Especially when Dad is working at home too.


The bed however, isn't quite such a great place for brain stretching Maths.

In God's Country

From the Studio


Before and during harvest. (Yup, a _slight_ delay in posting these two ;-)

Playing on the stereogram while posting these, U2's In God's Country. Seemed quite apt.

Greyfield Wood Walk

Greyfield Wood

The boy in the gate

Hat boy

Autumn Wood

The stream


Lost iPhone





Things you see in the woods.

Something dirty in the bath

Who me, dirty.

What's this? A muddy Ewok!

Big Birthday in Portsmouth

Spinnaker Tower

A wonderful family day in Portsmouth for Nana's big birthday. One slight snag; left the camera in the car. So only this one pic.

What it looks like when you miss the train...

[ What it looks like when you miss the train... on flickr.]


[ Ewok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on flickr.]

I'm on the train!

[ I'm on the train! on flickr.]

Ghost in the machine

Guess Who

Lovely Ladies in the House

Lovely ladies in the house


Never ending

Taking a risk

Is it just us, or do games of risk never quite finish?

A star was in our home

A star is in our home

We're fortunate to have many star visitors. Here's one. The album is a pretty decent listen too!

Bonus result: sharing the review page with KatyP.

The after-walk Curry









A Martin special. Nicely done mate.

New Forest Wood




Wood. Years and years of it. Timeless.

New Forest Walk






A awesomely nice gentle stroll around the New Forest about Fritham

Proper Job

A proper job indeed.

Ready to play

ready to play

F. Ready to play.

The week before this happened .

Good Morning

Good morning

Yes, it is an exceedingly good morning.


When I'm cleaning windows

When I'm cleaning windows

H & Ewok

H with Ewok

Candidate for the cutest photo of the year?

Canvas Shoes

Canvas shoes

A long time ago I had these. They weren't fashionable. They were banned. Now they're fashionable again...



"Yikes!" said Finn. "You haven't posted any pictures from our amazing summer holiday with Amza and Felix?"


Flying Finn (no wave too small)

Surf lessons

"Let's surf!"

Everyone grab a pole

"Grab a pole. Each."

Stone stacking 1

Stone stacking 2

Stone stacking 3

"Pile up some stones. High."



"And chill. For a while."

I've got the power

Raspberry PI running on a Powergen Pack

LED array driven by a Raspberry PI powered by a PowerGen pack.

The right clothing

The dog with the burr-covered fur.

Ewok was not impressed by the burrs.

Fay's new hat

"Next time" he said, "I'll wear my hat".

On Goring Hill

On Goring hill

A little walk on the hill above Streatley and Goring


Cut flowers from the garden

Cut flowers from Fay's patch in the garden. These were from August, but now in early November the flowers keep coming...

Bunkfest Poem

Wrapping up bunkfest with the community poem

From the end of August, the end of another lantern-filled bunkfest with the poem.

Placemat Fay via Victoria Baths and lovely Anj & Jason

[ Placemat Fay via Victoria Baths and lovely Anj & Jason on flickr.]

Hero goalkeeping, but fractured wrist

[ Hero goalkeeping, but fractured wrist on flickr.]

Good morning Tallinn old town

[ Good morning Tallinn old town on flickr.]

Scared of heights? Tallinn Teletorn / team off-site.

[ Scared of heights? Tallinn Teletorn / team off-site. on flickr.]

In Tallinn again. Sun and blue sky again.

[ In Tallinn again. Sun and blue sky again. on flickr.]

0720 approaching Goring and Streatley

[ 0720 approaching Goring and Streatley on flickr.]

NGM The Photo Issue cover #classic

[ NGM The Photo Issue cover #classic on flickr.]

Working-from-home view

[ Working-from-home view on flickr.]

Late afternoon sky

[ Late afternoon sky on flickr.]

Bathroom planning

[ Bathroom planning on flickr.] Note: This post was updated on 2020-11-08 to remove broken links


via Instagram [ Memories... on flickr.]

Morning Early Warning

Spider in the sink warning

A kind soul left a warning note...

New forest walk

New Forest Walk

A lovely stroll through the forest with Moo Moo's family

A field of wheat

The field pre-harvest

Bob's field of wheat.

The field in harvest

I wonder how many weetabix that would make.

Breakfast view

Breakfast view

Coffee, weetabix, and a view.

Kids grow up quickly

Training Wheel Day

A collection of training wheels (stabilisers) from past bikes used by H and F. Here's a demonsration of one of the sets in action.

Need to find them a new home.

Bunks Installed

Bunks installed

The bunk beds move again. Having started life in Herfordshire, moved to Washington State, then to Oxfordshire, they are now happily residing in sunny Devon.

Bunk installation was considerably helped by the liberal use of doobries, widgets and nogins. There's nothing like the right tools for the job...

H perfects the selfie

Many Hs

As the Oxford English Dictionary adds the selfie ; H demonstrates his perfection of the technique.

River Paddling

F paddling on the River Thames

Little F strikes out across the River Thames.


Butterfly in the garden

Loads of bees and butterflies in the garden this year. Loads and loads.

Air Show



Spitfire through the tress

Chinock Defying Physics?

RAF Benson had an air show for family day yesterday. The low-level Tornado wasn't quite as loud as it was in 2011 but still ear-ringingly close. However, it was the Chinoock that stole the show. Awesome!

Last-but-one commute

The commute (off road)

For the past two (and a bit) years, 3 days (sometimes 5) each week, my commute to work has been by bike.

This week is the last. So I've been making the most of it by going off-road along a bridleway that follows the route of an old Roman road between Dorchester and Alchester.

I'm going to miss it.

Two shed Les


We think the base concrete is solid enough.

Beach Life

Beach Barbie

Ace BBQ by Martin. Perfect way to end the hotest day of the year (until the next 'hotest day of the year').

Canoe Surfing


D and F (F floating behind) demonstrating the correct use of a body board when the sea is dead calm.

At south beach, Studland.

Warmer than when we were last here .


Garden in July

The garden in July. Fay's been busy.

Bird in a nest

Bird in a nest

Some serious pruning nearly caused a disaster — but the little pigeon's nest was quickly re-sited. Watch this space for updates. In the meantime, here's the post-pruned front garden.


Code Reading


Code reading. Or, reading code.

Three Boys

The three boys

The field

The field

As you may be beginning to appreciate, I love this view.

The end of the tree


The tree was very unhappy. Brown, dry, dropping needles. So it went. To be replaced by something more Birch-like. The surgeon left us some memories, each engraved with an initial.

H Cooks

Harvey cooks

After some lessons at school (Pizza-toast anyone?) H gets in some serious practice for Master Chef . First lesson: you need to turn the hob on.



M shows us how to do it.

Another bit of May in the Garden

May in the Garden

Just a little colour.

More May's in the Garden

Beautiful ladies

Cool chicks

Lovely Fay and Lovely Amelie.

I am a man

Burning Meat

Have meat to barbecue, and to prove it I'm going to burn it.

Let sleeping...

Sleeping Finns and Dogs Lie

...dogs and little-ish-but growing-fast boys lie.


I is a bear, hear my roar!

Littler F. I is a bear. Raaaaar!

Swimming Lessons

Swimming Lessons

Megan showing Ewok how it's done.

Lovely Ewok with Lovely Fay

Ewok & Fay

The wall at the bottom of the garden is the perfect height for sitting. It's a sitting wall.

Day trip to France

Sweets (from France!)

H had a day in sunny France to experience and practice spoken French.

Everyone spoke English he complained.

May in the Garden


Everything in the garden is late this year. Even this pic, taken in May, is late being posted here.

Past May in the Gardens: 2012 , 2011 , 2010 , 2009 , 2008 , 2007 , 2006 , 2005 .

Film Star

Ewok sleeping off a hard days filming

Ewok, film star, recovering from a hard day on the film set.