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River Paddling

F paddling on the River Thames

Little F strikes out across the River Thames.


Butterfly in the garden

Loads of bees and butterflies in the garden this year. Loads and loads.

Air Show



Spitfire through the tress

Chinock Defying Physics?

RAF Benson had an air show for family day yesterday. The low-level Tornado wasn't quite as loud as it was in 2011 but still ear-ringingly close. However, it was the Chinoock that stole the show. Awesome!

Last-but-one commute

The commute (off road)

For the past two (and a bit) years, 3 days (sometimes 5) each week, my commute to work has been by bike.

This week is the last. So I've been making the most of it by going off-road along a bridleway that follows the route of an old Roman road between Dorchester and Alchester.

I'm going to miss it.

Two shed Les


We think the base concrete is solid enough.

Beach Life

Beach Barbie

Ace BBQ by Martin. Perfect way to end the hotest day of the year (until the next 'hotest day of the year').

Canoe Surfing


D and F (F floating behind) demonstrating the correct use of a body board when the sea is dead calm.

At south beach, Studland.

Warmer than when we were last here .


Garden in July

The garden in July. Fay's been busy.

Bird in a nest

Bird in a nest

Some serious pruning nearly caused a disaster — but the little pigeon's nest was quickly re-sited. Watch this space for updates. In the meantime, here's the post-pruned front garden.


Code Reading


Code reading. Or, reading code.

Three Boys

The three boys

The field

The field

As you may be beginning to appreciate, I love this view.

The end of the tree


The tree was very unhappy. Brown, dry, dropping needles. So it went. To be replaced by something more Birch-like. The surgeon left us some memories, each engraved with an initial.

H Cooks

Harvey cooks

After some lessons at school (Pizza-toast anyone?) H gets in some serious practice for Master Chef . First lesson: you need to turn the hob on.



M shows us how to do it.

Another bit of May in the Garden

May in the Garden

Just a little colour.

More May's in the Garden