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Camel Rock

A day on the beach at rock

Another view of the Rock side of the Camel.

Harbour Jumping

H F & D

9 points




When the surf's not up you can invent the new sport of jumping off the harbour wall.

What? You want proof?



Padstow View

Camel Estuary from the last house in Padstow

The amazing and ever changing view from the last house in Padstow. Other views are available .

Padstow Sailors

Gray Sail

Camel Crusing

Time and tide wait for no man

Dune - 9 years later


Dune. Nine years after the first Dune .

Dune, 2006

[And the same pair of jeans. With a hole in the knee that still needs mending.]

The best seats


The best theatre seats in the world? Probably.

Minack Theatre .


Wild or man made?

Eden Bio Domes


Eden. Again :-) . Slightly older than Harvey. We first visited when he was under one and the site was just struggling out of the mud stage.

View Stoppers

Viewstoppers St Ives

Viewstoppers. St Ives edition.

Perhaps The Tate could have scheduled an exhibition of white van paintings. Anything really. The whole place felt dead...

... our last visit was much better. Actually, they all have been...

Hello Pip


Pip and Ewok

Ewok has a new friend. Pip. Or Uncle Pip I suppose. Then again, maybe Ewok is the uncle. Confused?



Lazy Sunday



Jenga. On a boat.

Canal Skyscape

Chris & Kim have a new toy. Relaxing Fun.

Two views from the bathroom

Bathroom Picture

evening sky

Bath time is taking a tad longer these days. Can't think why.

New shoes

New shoes

They sent an odd pair. I was going to send them back. Fashion, apparently.


Tallinn. Again.



Toy cars. Model city. Tiny people

Storm over Tallinn

The view from our team room in Tallinn (early, so just me here)

With this job I get to spend time in Tallinn. I can think of worse things.

Me. Commuter

Me. Commuter.

0720 from Cholsey. Smooth.

Still there

Field tracks

One field has been harvested. The other still waits.

Office for the day

Office for the day

Grabbing some pre-game work time in B5. I was expecting it to be quiet on a Sunday...


Greenland through the porthole

Is down there somewhere.

Seattle with H

35,000 foot selfie

Frankies jet-lag cure

Corner booth for breakfast. Omelette, pancakes and pastries.

Taking pictures of a soccer tournanent on a cell phone fails. So here's a parking pass.


Playing cards with just-back-from-Chelan-H in the hotel bar

Seattle with H. Me for work. H for time with friends (and a little soccer too). Awesome.