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Books on a bookshelf

Book Shelf

I think this just might be my favourite bookshelf.

Ewok ponders...


...where to settle down for the world cup final.

Front garden daisey


The things we eat

Advice: don't eat anything that has more than three things (or was it five?) on the ingredients label. #failedagain

Train Spotting

Train spotting but anorak forgotten

First Great Western are fantastic at arranging for me to spend copious amounts of time on platform 12B of Reading station. I don't know where my train spotting hobby would be without their ability to rearrange the timetable, seemingly at random, to avoid providing trains heading in the general direction of Cholsey.

White Hut Anniversary Part 2

Brightwell Barrow. Mentioned in the Domesday book don't you know.

Martin and I walked the boys (the dogs gave up) to the pub via the clumps and the barrow .


There's a theme to posts recently...

From Asda.


Footie madness

Footie madness

Evening Sky

Evening sky, how was your day?

Evening sky, how was your day?



It turns out that Millimallikas is a a Flatliner.

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Ewok found a new spot to sleep

Ewok found a new spot to sleep....


The best camera...

The best camera is the one you have with you. the one you have with you. In this case the one stuck on the back of the phone, a Nokia Lumia 925.