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Finger nails!

Nail biting stuff — England are out!

(But USA are still going!)


Window Reflection

It's like an always-changing picture.

Admiring the view...

Granny and the weekend paper the weekend paper ;-)



"You're not going to post that are you? Some people will find it really upsetting and won't like Ewok any more."



Still getting there.

More house

F's Icecream Factory

Ice cream factory

Treat time from little F. Ice cream all round from the Ice Cream Factory. Except for H. Al say ahhhhh.

It's a dogs life

It's a dogs life

Ewok showing us all how to do it.


wooden floor

A pile of engineered wood boards ready for laying. Put it this way, they're definitely well acclimatised.

Hidden boy with the flowers in his hair

Harvey in the flowers

Fly Emirates

Fly! Emirates.

A whole new meaning :-)

New Cupboard

Alan is amazing. Fay's painting is pretty awesome too.

Amazing Alan did it again. Fitted cupboard matching in the kitchen is actually the entrance to the space-under-stairs. Clever. Neat paint job by Fay too. Teamwork.

Wheat field blue sky

Wheat field sky blue


Coat Hooks


Coat hooks on the floor. We gave up trying to get the boys to hang up their school stuff, instead we've added hooks on the floor roughly in the place where they usually throw stuff. Outside box thinking.

I am a geek

I'm a geek. Apparently.

The view from the couch

View from the couch

Work on the build has slowed considerably. I blame the view, combined with the position of the couch.

Bag on a chair

Bag on a chair

Fay's been painting. It's white, but a special kind of white.

Office Jenga Skype Style

Office jenga skype style.

Long story. This is the aftermath.


Home network

Getting there with the wiring. If only BT could deliver the bits as fast as they can fly around the house.

Amazing Sky

In a break between games at Harwell & Hendred tournament, the view from my snooze.

Getting ready for the world cup

Evening walk with F who's all ready for the world cup.