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Odd sock memories

Odd sock memories

Work in progress

Bathroom floor is a work in progress

The sofa as cushions

Sofa has new cushions

Let there be light




At this point she asked "how will i get my jeans off?". "with scissors"

Foot and chair connected in an uncontrolled manner. Result: painful toe.

Reading with Granddad

New news.

After lunch news and snooze

Sky, trees, field, garden

Clouds, trees and garden

Watching the world go by.

F in the morning

Bright Morning

Morning Read

Up early for a trip out. Time for some reading.



Slooooooow progress on the leccy means the shower room is lit with my bike light. It's a nice light and it gives a nice light too. Maybe we should all go OffGrid.

Train home

From the train home

Oxfordshire from the train home.


Tournament Winners

Polar Beer

Polar bear eating ceral

F found one. Eating his cereal.


Interesting Sky

Sky of the day.

One for the series .

Lunch (James Style)


Lunch by Fay. Inspired by James


It made it, perfect for cross-ocean travel.

I used to drink this (and still do when I'm back there). But now it's appeared on the shelf in Waitrose-on-Thames. Joy.


The field and the houses

Tony field.

H has a lovely walk to school

H's walk to school

What an awesome walk to school.


Look what the plumber finished today. Should i try it?

Look what the plumber finished today! It was waiting when I jumped off the bike at the end of the commute. Too good not to try...

After stripping off I discovered that the hot supply wasn't yet connected.


Evening Dog Walk View

Evening Dog Walk

Fay and the boys took Ewok for a walk before the storm hit. Look what they were rewarded with!

May in the Garden

May in the Garden

For the tenth time, we present, (lovely) May in the (lovely) garden.

Past May in the Garden:
2013 , 2012 , 2011 , 2010 , 2009 , 2008 , 2007 , 2006 , 2005 .



Lots of rain == Green Land


Shower Head

Progress in the shower room! Tiles by Dave. Plumbing by Lee.

The Shelf

The Shelf

The shelf (we think) which was once a window.

Getting there.

A Little Bit of Screen Time

A little bit of screen time

A little bit of screen time

A little bit of screen time

It's raining, so let's swim

It's raining, so let's swim!

Ewok walk with H. Dodging showers (April's are late). One shower we were unable to dodge. So Ewok avoided by taking a dip. Stick retrieving.

Ouch, my head hurts

Head injury for @harveyyfordd with wokstar

Heads don't mix with telegraph poles. Blurred vision results.

Hotel View

...up look

Look down...

The hotel down view and the up view from the 28 th floor.


The garden. Progress.

The garden. Nearly time for a 'May in the garden' pic or two...



Deck extension. Required, for the deck chair obviously.


Trees of Benson

The trees of Benson.

I woke up this morning

Morning mist

To this.

V I E W !

How blessed are we.


Candlelight Study

And you thought I was scary!

Will they last

Will they last

The Salamon's are still going. Just. They need to last until the end of the big build. I think they won't.

The mad professor

The mad professor

A knock on the door and the mad professor appeared. I'm here to help celebrate Harvey's birthday he cried, shortly before the candle set fire to his nose.

Harvey at Thirteen

Harvey at 13

A teenager is in the house!

Matisse at Tate Modern for Fays birthday. Cutout.

Matisse at Tate Modern for Fays birthday. Cutout.

Lovely day. South bank. Memories. Lovely Fay.