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Dorset coffee company. Can't wait.

Katey and Martin's excellent suggestion to head for the Wimbourne Food Festival was rewarded with some lovely grub and... coffee!

Badbury Rings

Badbury Rings circuit.

Breakfast Machine


The breakfast machine :-)

Platform nine and three quarters

Where did I leave my bike, where did I leave my bike...

Is where the bike rack's are at Paddington. And where the AACV rests in between keeping up its trusty commuting service.

The floor

We decided there was too much furniture.


Underlay jigsaw puzzling on a wet Saturday afternoon.

(More) insulation.

Underfloor heating


No more concrete. Sad.

All done.

Fixing the door

Got the sliding door out of the pocket to re-hang. Will it go back in again?

Replacing ones like the one on the left with ones like the one on the right.

The door is back on. Result.

The sliding door to the shower room was stuck. The screws attaching it to the track weren't up to the job. We *just* managed to squeeze it out of the pocket. New screws. Happy door.


@finnio_de_fordio which should I choose.


Loot from Seattle

Post game de-brief

Post game debrief


New. Better. Faster. Obsolete. By @howies

By Howies

London Heathrow Escalators

Last time I was here I was racing @harveyyfordd (and although he didn't know it) Ben Kingsley. I miss my travellingbuddy.

The joys of LHR-T5. Escalators, escalators, everywhere.

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Return to...

Space needle

...the space needle.

[A few days in South Lake Union for workey stuff[

Moss roof

Roof tiles

Off to training

The road to football training. Country living.

The road to football training across the field to along the river. Coming back in the dark was fun. Or so they said.


Sunstreaking morning

Sunstreaks over Tallinn.

Two drinks

Subliminal. Two drinks just to not disappoint Harvey.

Harvey has a theory that I always have two drinks. I'm not sure that the evidence stacks up.


Primal Scream through some Class T amptastic

Yes. It sounds as good as it looks.


End of a lovely weekend w/ the Honiton crew. Thx folks.