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Football season is back








"Are you celebrating?" asked Sunny the waiter. "Yes, that it's Friday night" we replied. Moments later, a Prosecco with flair :-)

[Yes, I know it's a flare, but homophones.]

Colourful Morning


A lonely tree

A lonely tree

I love this tree, it's by the car park at the clumps. I can never quite capture it, which is probably part of its charm.

The Living Room

Welcome to the living room

Fay adding some decoration to the Camerados -inspired Wallingford Living Room.

River Thames at Wallingford

The Rver Thames at Wallingford

The best river views are in the evening, after the rain that dumped all day has cleared.

Morning Misty View

Morning Mist

Drying Kit

Post camping kit drying

F went camping in the damp

The Clumps, looking scenic

Clearing Clumps

Rainbow Cloud

Evening Didcot

Didcot from The Clumps

Sunbeams after the storm cleared, from The Clumps.


A Linescape

Our landscape is full of linescapes. Here the hedgerow along the field edge peters out. Inspired by reading Hugh Warwick .

Band of Hope

Band of Hope at the Boat House during Bunkfest

The awesome Band of Hope (renowned third best band in Wallingford, apparently) at the Boat House during Bunkfest.

Bike Lane Reprise

This is not a cycle lane

The stupidity of this bike lane has me so grumpy that I'm posting a picture of it again .

It's below the minimum recommended width; and in the wrong place (per the Highways Agency Design Manual for Roads and Bridges, Volume 5, Section 2, Part 4, Advice Note TA 91/05).

It encourages drivers to think there is sufficient space to overtake (see Highway Code rule 163 " give motorcyclists, cyclists and horse riders at least as much room as you would when overtaking a car ").

It has a rainwater drain that occupies two-thirds of the width which all but guarantees that a cyclist will be forced to move right (which is likely to become an unpleasant reminder of Rule 213 " Motorcyclists and cyclists may suddenly need to avoid uneven road surfaces and obstacles such as drain covers or oily, wet or icy patches on the road. Give them plenty of room and pay particular attention to any sudden change of direction they may have to make. ")

Dylan's 18



Big milestones. Brings back memories of a smaller guy on a beach .

Shoreditch, of course

Bin.jpeg - shoreditch, where even the graffiti is geek

Woodland Walking



No dogs in the pool please

Just as well that dogs can read these days.

Regular Gentle Exercise is Required

Regular gentle exercise is important

Third time, this time the left arm and a double fracture. I blame irresponsible parenting, although heroic goal saving antics might be a contributory factor.