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Put in

Putting in at Benson Weir

Put in at Benson Weir for a 'between-Christmas-and-New-Year' paddle to the Boat House and back. 10mins there, and an hour plus to get back. Eddy hopping for the win.

Kids at the dinner table

Dinner table

If only there was some way to keep the kids off their phones at the dinner table...

A bit gray

It's a bit gray today

One of those days where it's not raining, just that the water condenses onto you straight out of the cloud.

Mud walkers

The walk of the mud jumpers

A nice walk up on the clumps we thought. The walk was nice, just a tad muddy. A portable jet wash would have been handy!

Little F-2

F #1

F #2

Lovely A and Lovely F came to visit. Lovely A was hiding so here's a couple of F.

Christmas Smiles

H with pressies

Christmas Lego Set

Bag Styles

Bag Exhibit A

Bag Exhibit B

Compare and contrast, bag styles.

Gaming Styles

XBox Harvey Style

XBox Finn Style

Compare and contrast, XBox gaming styles.

Say hello river view


When the river is high, the river view gets a little more river in it.



ThinkPad second-hand refurb T450. Substantially better than anything new in the shops for a fraction of the price. Even used the Ethernet port to fix a bookshop.

Hash tag no dongles as some people like to say.

Christmas Eve Labradoodle Santas

Santa Yogi

Santa Ewok

Ewok and Yogi getting into the Christmas Spirit. The RSPCA may have been informed.

Damp. Again

It's a bit damp again

The river floods when the Benson Lock downstream gauge is a smidge over 4m. This is Tony and Marie-Ann's meadows downstream of the lock at 4.6m.

Harvey, Ready


I won the bet about how far Harvey would count before the (GENERAL) anaesthetic kicked in, but only because the anaesthetist had him chatting about sports science instead...

Finn at 16

Finn at 16

Big 16 for Finnster. 10 years since six. His buddies helped him celebrate.


Which knee?

Making sure the surgeon gets the right knee. That's the correct knee.

Dartmoor Loop

Longstone Hill

Mart & Bri

North from Longstone Hill

Great Kneeset

Mart & Bri on a windy Dartmoor

A loop around a bit of North Dartmoor with Bri and Martin. Amazing desolate views. Beautiful weather (although blowy). Very marshy in places. More on flickr.

Trail head team photo

Thanks gents.

Perfect Rest

Castle Inn. Beer, food, bed

Lots of pillows

After a little stroll on North Dartmoor, the Castle Inn was the perfect place for a quick shower, beer, food and bed. Bed with lots of pillows. Perfect.

Where is my kayak?

Where's my kayak?

Reboot Tickets

Self service tickets at GWR Exeter means installing Windows

A tad tricky to collect tickets at Exeter St Davids.

The white hut in December in Colour

For those with more than a back & white TV license (you do need a TV license to peruse the interwebz don't you?), here's some White Hut (and around) in colour.

View from a bath

In which we take a bath.

Tame head

Race the clouds and rain up the cliff for the sunrise.

The old YMCA hut has had a makeover

And discover someone stole our idea to renovate the old YMCA hut along the coast (stole and executed no less). One day I'll actually put one of my GoodIdeas™ into practice when I think of it rather than seeing someone else doing it years later, and it'll be a fantastic flop...

The white hut in December

We lost the view

It's that time of the year. The time when Fay and I escape to the White Hut for a quiet weekend. This year started foggy. We lost the view, with only the ghost bus at night to change the scene.

Sea Sky Scape

Ewok and Yogi

But it got stormy. Which blew the view.

Don't follow GPS





Perfect for painting.

Water meadows

Water Meadows

After the flooding the water meadows were a little damp.

End of the lane

End of the lane

Photographing familiar things. This is the end of the lane. I pass here every day. Except for on duvet days.

Plenty more fish

Plenty more fish

> This piece of art was made for the people of Kingsand-Cawsand by five young Austrian volunteers who helped to remove about one tonne (130 sacks) of marine litter from the beaches of the Rame Peninsula in September 2014.


Reflecting sunset fire

The sun was setting on the other side of the building, but I got a sneaky glint nonetheless.

The Old Counting House Card

The old counting house card

The Old Counting House. Best Christmas Card of the year. Nuff said.

Lunchtime Shoreditch Walk

Shoreditch doors

Shoreditch graffiti

Shoreditch graffiti

Since I work near Shoreditch (not in Shoreditch, close, ish) when I remember to talk some time to walkaround at lunchtime there's always interesting stuff to stumble upon.

New Waitrose

Waitrose feedback

We have a new Waitrose in Wallingford. It's new in the same way that some politicians are claiming that they'll deliver 40 new hospitals. Yes, it's the same old Waitrose but with some bits done up a tad. There is a new feedback board where you can leave I love.. and It would be better if... comments.

An election is coming


Looking for inspiration on who to vote for in the vegetable section.



Somewhere near The King William.





A lovely, albeit dark, week in Stockholm. Lovely to be back in Scandinavia.


The best bit? WOODEN BIKES!

More flood

Thames Path at Benson

Thames Path at Benson

A bit more Thames Path flooding. This is why water meadows are water meadows, and why flood plain is flood plain.

Egg head

Egg head

Years ago, Fay taught me about egg-heads and flat-heads. I'm a reluctant egg-head. With a track record.

Damp Thames Path

River Bank Overtopping

A damp dog walk down to the river to see what "Some minor flooding possible" looks like. Ripples on the path as the river overtops the bank and spills into the meadows.

Christmas Card Production

Christmas card production line

Charity Christmas cards of local Wallingford churches, what could be simpler? Life turns out to be more complicated than you think. But it transpires that folding and packing can be very therapeutic.

Wave dodging

New Milton

F, wave dodging at New Milton.

Shell, carbon neutral

Drive carbon neutral. Thanks Shell.

Drive carbon neutral. That's all right then. Thanks Shell.

Snowden, E

Snowden, E

Graffiti, Snowden, E, opposite Amazon's engineering home in London.

Little Wittenham and Neptune Wood

Willow wall

A wall of willow greats you as you enter Little Wittenham Wood, heading for Neptune.

Pond danger

Be careful of the algae.

There'll be a forest here one day

There'll be a forest here one day. 10,000 oak trees planted to commemorate the Battle of Trafalgar.



It's cranking up this year. F has some opinions.

Bike servicing

Bike tweaking

The satisfaction when everything runs smoothly, the soft click of an efficient free-wheel, the gentle clunk of a precise gear-change, the silent instant reduction in velocity as perfectly aligned break-pads bite.

The frustration when none of that happens.

Pip came to stay


Dinner Anticipation

Pip came north to stay while his owners were busy painting.

Snoozing Chair

Snoozing Chair

Ewok was very happy. He spent the week in his chair.


And then returned to the sofa.


The Keep reflection

The best reflection in Wallingford.


A bird house in the field is worth..

Family outing

Family outing

Pip, Ewok and Yogi.

Morning fuel


Canteen breakie.

Good morning London

Good morning London

East London from almost Shoreditch.

Reading spot

Favourite reading spot

F in a favourite spot working through his 積ん読.

Memories of Gran

Memories of Wanstead

Looking out on to some memories. Thanks Gran.

A weekend with A & F

With A & F

Clip and climb

Cream tea

A weekend in Devon with A & F. Highlights included some climbing at Clip & Climb (A is faster than me!!! F made the top of the hexagon wall!!!) and Cream ~~Tea~~ Hot Chocolate and Flat White at Toast.

Saying Hello


Student digs: New room. New house. New town.

Saying Goodbye

Saying goodbye

With H

Saying goodbye. H is off to University. It was probably a good idea that F didn't come with us to drop him off :-)

Double Rainbow

Double rainbow


Taking back control

As Charles would say: "How's that working out for you?". So glad to see that we are taking back control. Although, as ever, the crux is who exactly do you mean by "we".

> A parliamentary system or parliamentary democracy is a system of democratic governance of a state (or subordinate entity) where the executive derives its democratic legitimacy from its ability to command the confidence of the legislature, typically a parliament, and is also held accountable to that parliament.

I guess this is (Another Fine Mess)². Looking forward to the next in the series, (Another Fine Mess)³.

Cut flower

Cut flower. From the garden. It's huge!

Big flowers from the garden. I'm thinking of wearing some in my hair.

Preparation is key

It is all in the preparation

H is off to University on Thursday. Everything is under control.

Craft Burger

Craft burger, Oxford (Headington). Most awesome.

Craft Burger in Oxford (Headington). Recommended.

The water poet

The water poet all alone

The Water Poet has closed to make way for a redevelopment. But right now it looks like the building might survive, if only as a facade.

What happened after harvest ?

Field. Harvested but not ploughed weeks later

Most years the fields have been harvested, ploughed and planted by now. In 2011 it was done by the end of July. In 2010 the next crop was in by now.

This year, the wheat was harvested and then... nothing.

It's almost as if farmers had no clue who was going the buy their crops next year.

Another fine mess

Metro: another fine mess. Newspapers on trains

Speech. Less.

After five seasons

After five seasons

Oxford. Form the Westgate. After Five Seasons. A film about the gardens of Piet Oudolf.

Currently Reading

Currently reading

Currently reading: Points of Origin, 刁斗 (Diao Dou)

Taking cover

Take cover

Usually, the start of the football season is marked by the return of rain, wind and bone chilling temperatures. Not so this year. The first game needed sun protection.

Quiet. Wallingford

11 am on a Saturday. Wallingford. Quiet. Very quiet.

Saturday. 11am. Very, very quiet in Wallingford.

Cadoc's Point

Cadoc’s Point. Cornwall.

Card scoring

cards, scoring. I lost

I lost.

Padstow in between

Padstow boats

Stein's queue

Padstow inner harbour

Around Padstow, in between eating good food at various Steiniums.

Harlyn Beach

Harlyn beach

Harlyn beach. Sand for miles.

Harlyn Walks


The bench. With faded flowers and memories.

Coast walk

Coast walk

Evening sun at Harlyn.

Mother Ivy's Bay

Mother Ivy's Bay

Morning light at Mother Ivy's Bay.

Wetness over Harlyn

Afternoon Rain.

What SUP Finn

SUP finn

We borrowed a SUP from G&J. Finn excelled. I demonstrated that I have no sense of balance. I guess that's why I prefer sports where you sit down...

Harlyn Coast Exploring

Coast explorers near Harlyn

Along the coast from Harlyn, paddle board explorers.

Team Yogi


Yogi now has his own local fan club.

Waiting for train adverts

Waiting for the train adverts

I missed the train. Andy kept me company. It was a long wait.

Watching Trains

Waiting for the train

Fay gave me a lift this morning so I was nice and early for the 0727. I got to sit in the waiting room, drinking a coffee from Leslie, admiring the muriel that, in six years of commuting from here, I'd not noticed before. In me defence, I think this is only the third time I've sat in the waiting room.

No one is too small

No one is too small to make a difference. Greta Thunberg.

"No one is too small to make a difference". Greta Thunberg.

August Sunset

August sunset

Showery day ending with a gleam.

Bob half done

Bob is half done

Harvest this year has been a race between the farmers and the wetness. The big field at the bottom is done (just) but there's still half the wheat in the bigish field at the top.

Line of Locks

A collection of bike locks

Locks by the bike racks. Saves carrying your own.

The helpful sign reads:

> Cycles may be left subject to the Conditions and Regulations in the Boards publications and notices

Which I think means 'you can leave your bike here, but don't complain to us if it's not here when you return' (ish).

Golden Ticket

Golden ticket

It looks like the super-sized pack of revision cards I got H paid off.

I obviously take all the credit.

RAF Benson Family Day

RAF Benson Family Day Flying

RAF Benson Family Day Flying

RAF Benson Family Day Flying

Today was RAF Benson's family day, so we got a little treat of some flying acrobatics. Not quite up to the standards of 2015 but fun to watch.

Hanging out in Split



The ferry times don't really gel with the flight times, so we get to hang out in Split.

Vis, by ferry, again again

Viz Split Ferry

Road to nowhere

Last year (and the year before) we took the ferry from Split to Vis.

Viz Split Ferry

We're getting into the routine.

Pool life

Pool life

F demonstrating how to relax.

WFP (working from the Pool)

If you do need to catch up on something, this isn't a bad place to do it from.


Milky Way Pool

Go somewhere dark. The Milky Way is out there.

Moonlight Bay

Then try swimming by moonlight.

Fort George

Fort George

Fort George

Fort George

Fort George

Dinner at Fort George

Dinner at Fort George. Lovely.

Football Skills

Football skills

So slick you can't even see my feet moving.

Truck Festival

Truck Festival 2019

Truck Festival 2019

Truck Festival 2019

Truck Festival 2019

Truck Festival 2019

Truck Festival 2019

A weekend at truck. Highlights: Public Service Broadcasting; Johnny Marr; Gurr; Lewis Capaldi; Bennett Wilson Poole; Hoo and four teenagers who were most pleasantly behaved.

Wallingford Road Deluded

Wallingford Road

Wallingford Road is closed to motor vehicles. The shared foot and cycle path remains open. Someone isn't happy about the road being closed. They've put up some signs so that we know that they're not happy.

Unsafe. Disrespectful. Excessive. About sums up how it feels to ride a bike along this stretch of road, with motorists practicing their near-miss close-pass skills. Of course that's only when the road isn't closed.

Refuge de Doran

Refuge De Doran

A wander up a hill on the off-chance of spotting Gypaetus barbatus also known as the lammergeier, lammergeyer, or, more correctly, the Lama-Geezer.

Fefuge De Doran

In the mountain pass, the perfect refuge, with a lovely post-lunch spot to watch the mountains, and to spot, one, two, no three, Lemma-geizer birds. Awesomeness on the wing.

Cleared Cycle Path

Shared footpath and cycle path cleared

Ten months after reporting that the shared foot and cycle path was so overgrown as to be unusable, Oxfordshire County Council closed the report with a comment that they were moving to a new system.

Ironic then that a week or two later part of the path had been cleared. You can see how far over the left edge the overgrowth had reached. Ironic because the only bit to be cleared was adjacent to the section of road that's been completely closed for the laying of a new gas main. And, with the road closed, it's nicer to cycle on it than to squeeze onto the path. Top bananas.

Fence Cut

Wire fence cut

The wire fence; cut. Escalation > the process by which conflicts grow in severity over time.

And now the path down to the river is no more. <sadface> </sadface>.

Up in the clouds

Aiguille du Midi

speed climbing

IFSC Climbing world cup in Chamonix - waiting for the speed climbing

Under six seconds to climb that‽ (The wall on the left!). Speedy. Hence the name.

A week in the Alps

Aiguille du Midi

Aiguille du Midi

Aiguille du Midi

Aiguille du Midi

The exit from the Aiguille du Midi

Day 1 of a week in the Alps. With Bri, Rob and Mart. Mont Blanc wasn't to be. But awesome fun nonetheless.

More, lots more, on flickr


Brexit, the real story

About. Sums. It. Up.

Pay it forward

Deux Chevaux Espresso

Double stamps if you bring your own cup mean these cards fill up quickly. So, I've been asking Leslie to pass them on (a free coffee to some random stranger). Last week I was that random stranger — from someone else doing the same. Huge smile.

Preparation Hike

Ridgeway walk

Ridgeway walk

Ridgeway walk

Ridgeway walk

Wearing in new boots and weight testing gear-in-the-pack with an early morning, pre-crazy temperature hot day, walk from the wheat fields up onto the Ridgeway and back. The boots were comfy.

Water flowing Agatha

The water flows peacefully along under the trees like a song unsung - Agatha Christie

Spotted walking back along the river...

> "The water flows peacefully along under the trees like a song unsung"

Agatha Christie

June Sky


The day after the hottest day of the year was warm, cloudy with sunny spells.

House is Home


A while ago I pondered if this house would become a home. It has. Definitely.

June in the Garden

June in the garden

June in the garden

June in the garden

June in the garden

June in the garden

June in the garden

A little bit of June in the garden.

Canoe and a beer

Canoe and a beer


Riverside house

Lovely Saturday canoe up the Thames for a picnic lunch with Fay. Picnic lunch with a beer, lovely++.

Broadgate Pride

broadgate pride

Sunday Lunch Ride

Sunday lunch ride

F's choice, road route. Downhill speed fun (fueled by yummy grub at the King William). Table view was none too shabby...

Mind the Goring

Mind the Goring Gap

Please stand clear of the doors when the alarm sounds.

Box Trim


H trimmed the boxes. Neat.



Braces, gone

Braces Off

Local Walk


No access, wildflower margin




Road to somewhere

Pole in a field

Clumps, up and down and up and down and up and down and back, via the river of life.

Revision Cards

Revision Cards

Reindeer Ewok?

Reindeer Ewok

The still happy couple

The wedding anniversary. Same porch, 50 years later.

Same porch + 50 years on, a blink in the life of All Saints.

On the side of a bus...

On the side of a bus

Prime Video, outside the corn exchange cinema in Wallingford.

Yogi, recovering

Yogi. Recovering

Close call Yogi. Bruised but getting better.

A worth getting up for morning

Some mornings are worth getting up for

Keepie Uppie


There's rules for this and everything !

Post-pub Broadgate


On the spur post-demo team drinks at the White Horse in the shadow of Broadgate Tower.

Bar stool


...with old shoes

A green badge


Artweeks Summary

Art Week

Art Week

Art Week

Art Week

Art Week

Art Week

Met lots of lovely people when Fay opened her studio for artweeks , with lots of lovely friends helping with tea, coffee, and cake. Lots. Of. Cake.

Thank you to everyone that helped and for everyone that donated!

Your journey may be disrupted

Damage to the overhead lines… Your journey may be disrupted

Damage to the overhead lines this morning between Reading and Paddington. An incident closing the lines this evening. Total door-to-door time commuting today: 7 hours 24 mins. Lovely.

Good morning South Stoke


Views from the train window.

Ewoks Sleep Anywhere


Cats Sleep Anywhere

Cats sleep anywhere, any table, any chair.
Top of piano, window-ledge, in the middle, on the edge.
Open drawer, empty shoe, anybody's lap will do.
Fitted in a cardboard box, in the cupboard with your frocks.
Anywhere! They don't care! Cats sleep anywhere.

Eleanor Farjeon

May in the Garden

May in the Garden - 2019

Previous May in the Garden:

2018 (May-ish) | 2017 | 2015 | 2014 | 2013 | 2012 | 2011 | 2010 | 2009 | 2008 | 2007 | 2006 | 2005 |

Yogi's Pad

Yogi's Den

He's grown a little bit...


...that was back in 2015 .

Behaviour Counselling


Page 1 of 5: "Does anyone talk to your pet at least once a day?", "Does anyone talk to your pet about important issues?"

May in the Garden (green)

Patio, Socks and Box

Look! A ' May in the garden ' post!

Artweeks Prep

Granny J

Granny came down (up?) to help with Artweeks prep.

Flatjack (or is it flapjack?) yummyness too.

Bar staff at work


Team demo, refreshments == awesome pims from SDM-turned-barstaff. Pims magic.

Train Coffee

train coffee

Studio Ready


Studio ready for artweeks.





Signs out for It's amazing what a bike will carry.




Spot the window cleaners

...window cleaners (if you look closely enough).

Wallingford Town

End of season dinner

End of season dinner. End of an era.

Ortlieb #2

Ortlieb #2

After 8 years of faithful service, keeping clothes, books, laptop and morning pastries warm and dry, Ortlieb #1 is retiring. The split in the base finally deciding that no amount of gaffer-tape will keep it closed. The ideal replacement, Ortlieb #2 of course.

Prof Speaking

Professor Lindsay MacDonald on Image Quality at the University of Westminster

Blast from the past. Professor Lindsay MacDonald speaking at Transactions: Imaging/Art/Science - Image Quality, Content and Aesthetics [ link ]

2 fruit things

Banana x2

2 Chaps

Sand sky

3 gents

Chaps at the seaso

Principal Place

Principal Place

About to be eclipsed by the stage.

Remembering Roy

Odd socks, for Roy

Extinction Rebellion

The boat, Oxford Circus. Extinction Rebellion

My commute last week through London was made lovely by the lovely people at Oxford Circus and Marble Arch. This week you could tell it was 'business as usual' by the taste of the pollution.

Team Bookshelf

The computer


Train journey

Train journey

The Gardener


Shoreditch Looking West

London (almost Shoreditch looking west)

Look carefully and you can see the Post Office tower .

League Winners

Wallingford Town U19 March 2019




Building Dystopia

Building dystopia

What if?

What if: One day nobody owned a car?

One day nobody had a car.

Race Night

One of these has to be a winner

Wallingford Town fund raising race night fun! My strategy to win a race succeeded - just by a bet on every horse. Sadly, that's not a strategy to win $£$£$£. Happily, the $£$£$£ lost went to the club. Everyone's a winner.

Flying Home

Heading Home

Virgin Atlantic. Rather nice after the BA bus to Seattle and back.

Random Seattle

Blue sky in Seattle


Seattle light and power

Seattle tonight



A little climb up Snowdon with Rob, Bri and Martin.



More on Flickr .

Halftime at Hinksey

Half time between the hail storms at Hinksey

Sunshine after the hail.

Morning Coffee

Morning coffee loveliness

Winter Dog Walk (pt4)

Tracking to infinity

That tree again

Winter field

Everyone else was asleep and missed the coldest morning of the winter so far. A nice day not to be riding to Cholsey.

Winter Dog Walk (pt3)

Good morning


Up early for some -7C frosty colour.

Winter Dog Walk (pt2)



Wittenham Clumps

Wittenham Clumps

Didcot Power Station


A walk on the clumps (Wittenham Clumps) with Ewok and Yogi.
Sledging nirvana.

Winter Dog Walk


Lane end

Ewok at lane end

A winter dog walk the easy way. Jump on the bike and ride up and down the lane through the snow.

Yew Bends

Yee bending under snow

It was very dark under the porch until I shook the snow off the yew branches.

Ewok found a compiler bug

Ewok found a compiler bug

I lost the next hour debating the merits of C over C++.

Lunch. Gone.

Finn. Lunch. Gone.

Snow at first light

Snow this morning

How does this happen?

How does this happen?

Number of charging leads required, R is given by:

R= N+1

where N is the current number of charging leads.

Wallingford Town

Wallingford Town U19 2018-19

Wallingford Town, U19, 2018-2019.

Breakfast of Champions

Egg and Bacon Bagel

New Year Coffee & Code

New Year Coffee and Code

gphoto2, a Raspberry PI and an EOS 40D equals some post-hangover computational photography.

Chips & Fish

Chips & Fish (from the best chippy on east Devon) on the beach. English Christmas.

On the beach, from the best place in East Devon. Yummy.

My socks were not the best socks

My socks were not the best


Yogi & Ewok on Roundball

Yogi & Ewok on Roundball

Honiton from Roundball. Not too damp neither.

Post Crimbo Ents




Nice floor Graeme

Yogi pose

Lonely Chair


Recruitment ask candidates if they are scared of heights. It's because some of the rooms we use for interviews have floor to ceiling views like this. But if someone asked me ahead of an interview whether I was scared of heights, I might wonder what they had planned for me...

Lonely Tree

Evening stroll

Evening dog walk with Chris and Kim. The mist rising from the fields as the sun slowly sunk below the horizon. Magical.

White Hut Anniversary Part 2

Beach Walkers

Cliff walking

Morning beach walk

Water sculpting



Heading for the bright side

In monochrome (for those more discerning c r o s s o ak visitors).

White Hut Anniversary

The White Hut

Whitsand Bay

Rame Head

In colour (for those that like their c r o s s o a k colourful).