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Put in

Putting in at Benson Weir

Put in at Benson Weir for a 'between-Christmas-and-New-Year' paddle to the Boat House and back. 10mins there, and an hour plus to get back. Eddy hopping for the win.

Kids at the dinner table

Dinner table

If only there was some way to keep the kids off their phones at the dinner table...

A bit gray

It's a bit gray today

One of those days where it's not raining, just that the water condenses onto you straight out of the cloud.

Mud walkers

The walk of the mud jumpers

A nice walk up on the clumps we thought. The walk was nice, just a tad muddy. A portable jet wash would have been handy!

Little F-2

F #1

F #2

Lovely A and Lovely F came to visit. Lovely A was hiding so here's a couple of F.

Christmas Smiles

H with pressies

Christmas Lego Set

Bag Styles

Bag Exhibit A

Bag Exhibit B

Compare and contrast, bag styles.

Gaming Styles

XBox Harvey Style

XBox Finn Style

Compare and contrast, XBox gaming styles.

Say hello river view


When the river is high, the river view gets a little more river in it.



ThinkPad second-hand refurb T450. Substantially better than anything new in the shops for a fraction of the price. Even used the Ethernet port to fix a bookshop.

Hash tag no dongles as some people like to say.

Christmas Eve Labradoodle Santas

Santa Yogi

Santa Ewok

Ewok and Yogi getting into the Christmas Spirit. The RSPCA may have been informed.

Damp. Again

It's a bit damp again

The river floods when the Benson Lock downstream gauge is a smidge over 4m. This is Tony and Marie-Ann's meadows downstream of the lock at 4.6m.

Harvey, Ready


I won the bet about how far Harvey would count before the (GENERAL) anaesthetic kicked in, but only because the anaesthetist had him chatting about sports science instead...

Finn at 16

Finn at 16

Big 16 for Finnster. 10 years since six. His buddies helped him celebrate.


Which knee?

Making sure the surgeon gets the right knee. That's the correct knee.

Dartmoor Loop

Longstone Hill

Mart & Bri

North from Longstone Hill

Great Kneeset

Mart & Bri on a windy Dartmoor

A loop around a bit of North Dartmoor with Bri and Martin. Amazing desolate views. Beautiful weather (although blowy). Very marshy in places. More on flickr.

Trail head team photo

Thanks gents.

Perfect Rest

Castle Inn. Beer, food, bed

Lots of pillows

After a little stroll on North Dartmoor, the Castle Inn was the perfect place for a quick shower, beer, food and bed. Bed with lots of pillows. Perfect.

Where is my kayak?

Where's my kayak?

Reboot Tickets

Self service tickets at GWR Exeter means installing Windows

A tad tricky to collect tickets at Exeter St Davids.

The white hut in December in Colour

For those with more than a back & white TV license (you do need a TV license to peruse the interwebz don't you?), here's some White Hut (and around) in colour.

View from a bath

In which we take a bath.

Tame head

Race the clouds and rain up the cliff for the sunrise.

The old YMCA hut has had a makeover

And discover someone stole our idea to renovate the old YMCA hut along the coast (stole and executed no less). One day I'll actually put one of my GoodIdeas™ into practice when I think of it rather than seeing someone else doing it years later, and it'll be a fantastic flop...

The white hut in December

We lost the view

It's that time of the year. The time when Fay and I escape to the White Hut for a quiet weekend. This year started foggy. We lost the view, with only the ghost bus at night to change the scene.

Sea Sky Scape

Ewok and Yogi

But it got stormy. Which blew the view.

Don't follow GPS





Perfect for painting.

Water meadows

Water Meadows

After the flooding the water meadows were a little damp.

End of the lane

End of the lane

Photographing familiar things. This is the end of the lane. I pass here every day. Except for on duvet days.

Plenty more fish

Plenty more fish

> This piece of art was made for the people of Kingsand-Cawsand by five young Austrian volunteers who helped to remove about one tonne (130 sacks) of marine litter from the beaches of the Rame Peninsula in September 2014.


Reflecting sunset fire

The sun was setting on the other side of the building, but I got a sneaky glint nonetheless.

The Old Counting House Card

The old counting house card

The Old Counting House. Best Christmas Card of the year. Nuff said.

Lunchtime Shoreditch Walk

Shoreditch doors

Shoreditch graffiti

Shoreditch graffiti

Since I work near Shoreditch (not in Shoreditch, close, ish) when I remember to talk some time to walkaround at lunchtime there's always interesting stuff to stumble upon.

New Waitrose

Waitrose feedback

We have a new Waitrose in Wallingford. It's new in the same way that some politicians are claiming that they'll deliver 40 new hospitals. Yes, it's the same old Waitrose but with some bits done up a tad. There is a new feedback board where you can leave I love.. and It would be better if... comments.