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How does this happen?

How does this happen?

Number of charging leads required, R is given by:

R= N+1

where N is the current number of charging leads.

Wallingford Town

Wallingford Town U19 2018-19

Wallingford Town, U19, 2018-2019.

Breakfast of Champions

Egg and Bacon Bagel

New Year Coffee & Code

New Year Coffee and Code

gphoto2, a Raspberry PI and an EOS 40D equals some post-hangover computational photography.

Chips & Fish

Chips & Fish (from the best chippy on east Devon) on the beach. English Christmas.

On the beach, from the best place in East Devon. Yummy.

My socks were not the best socks

My socks were not the best


Yogi & Ewok on Roundball
Yogi & Ewok on Roundball

Honiton from Roundball. Not too damp neither.

Post Crimbo Ents


Nice floor Graeme

Yogi pose

Lonely Chair


Recruitment ask candidates if they are scared of heights. It's because some of the rooms we use for interviews have floor to ceiling views like this. But if someone asked me ahead of an interview whether I was scared of heights, I might wonder what they had planned for me...

Lonely Tree

Evening stroll

Evening dog walk with Chris and Kim. The mist rising from the fields as the sun slowly sunk below the horizon. Magical.

White Hut Anniversary Part 2

Beach Walkers
Cliff walking
Morning beach walk
Water sculpting
Heading for the bright side

In monochrome (for those more discerning c r o s s o ak visitors).

White Hut Anniversary

The White Hut
Whitsand Bay
Rame Head

In colour (for those that like their c r o s s o a k colourful).