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Truck Festival

Truck Festival 2019

Truck Festival 2019

Truck Festival 2019

Truck Festival 2019

Truck Festival 2019

Truck Festival 2019

A weekend at truck. Highlights: Public Service Broadcasting; Johnny Marr; Gurr; Lewis Capaldi; Bennett Wilson Poole; Hoo and four teenagers who were most pleasantly behaved.

Wallingford Road Deluded

Wallingford Road

Wallingford Road is closed to motor vehicles. The shared foot and cycle path remains open. Someone isn't happy about the road being closed. They've put up some signs so that we know that they're not happy.

Unsafe. Disrespectful. Excessive. About sums up how it feels to ride a bike along this stretch of road, with motorists practicing their near-miss close-pass skills. Of course that's only when the road isn't closed.

Refuge de Doran

Refuge De Doran

A wander up a hill on the off-chance of spotting Gypaetus barbatus also known as the lammergeier, lammergeyer, or, more correctly, the Lama-Geezer.

Fefuge De Doran

In the mountain pass, the perfect refuge, with a lovely post-lunch spot to watch the mountains, and to spot, one, two, no three, Lemma-geizer birds. Awesomeness on the wing.

Cleared Cycle Path

Shared footpath and cycle path cleared

Ten months after reporting that the shared foot and cycle path was so overgrown as to be unusable, Oxfordshire County Council closed the report with a comment that they were moving to a new system.

Ironic then that a week or two later part of the path had been cleared. You can see how far over the left edge the overgrowth had reached. Ironic because the only bit to be cleared was adjacent to the section of road that's been completely closed for the laying of a new gas main. And, with the road closed, it's nicer to cycle on it than to squeeze onto the path. Top bananas.

Fence Cut

Wire fence cut

The wire fence; cut. Escalation > the process by which conflicts grow in severity over time.

And now the path down to the river is no more. <sadface> </sadface>.

Up in the clouds

Aiguille du Midi

speed climbing

IFSC Climbing world cup in Chamonix - waiting for the speed climbing

Under six seconds to climb that‽ (The wall on the left!). Speedy. Hence the name.

A week in the Alps

Aiguille du Midi

Aiguille du Midi

Aiguille du Midi

Aiguille du Midi

The exit from the Aiguille du Midi

Day 1 of a week in the Alps. With Bri, Rob and Mart. Mont Blanc wasn't to be. But awesome fun nonetheless.

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Brexit, the real story

About. Sums. It. Up.

Pay it forward

Deux Chevaux Espresso

Double stamps if you bring your own cup mean these cards fill up quickly. So, I've been asking Leslie to pass them on (a free coffee to some random stranger). Last week I was that random stranger — from someone else doing the same. Huge smile.