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Little Wittenham and Neptune Wood

Willow wall

A wall of willow greats you as you enter Little Wittenham Wood, heading for Neptune.

Pond danger

Be careful of the algae.

There'll be a forest here one day

There'll be a forest here one day. 10,000 oak trees planted to commemorate the Battle of Trafalgar.



It's cranking up this year. F has some opinions.

Bike servicing

Bike tweaking

The satisfaction when everything runs smoothly, the soft click of an efficient free-wheel, the gentle clunk of a precise gear-change, the silent instant reduction in velocity as perfectly aligned break-pads bite.

The frustration when none of that happens.

Pip came to stay


Dinner Anticipation

Pip came north to stay while his owners were busy painting.

Snoozing Chair

Snoozing Chair

Ewok was very happy. He spent the week in his chair.


And then returned to the sofa.


The Keep reflection

The best reflection in Wallingford.


A bird house in the field is worth..

Family outing

Family outing

Pip, Ewok and Yogi.

Morning fuel


Canteen breakie.

Good morning London

Good morning London

East London from almost Shoreditch.