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Please tell us about food

Please tell us about food

Going up

Westgate escalator

Do not touch

Caution very not surfaces, do not touch hot group heads.

Do not touch the hot group heads.

Seattle in January


South Lake Union Cranes, Seattle

This was Feathered Friends

Space Needle from Day 1

Public Space

"The 20th Century was about getting around. The 21st Century will be about staying in a place worth staying in."

James Howard Kunstler

Globes, South Lake Union, Seattle

Coffee. Anchorhead. Seattle

Ladro coffee, Seattle

With coffee. Of course.



The anecdote to cold, damp, winter days.

Party Suit


Party bound, Mr Wick style.

Shoe repairs

Shoe repairs

Turns out the glue works. Or at least it works for sticking soles back on. Well, 3 times out of 4. The Vibram FFs were just that bit too tricky for me.

Stockholm, again


Stockholm, again.

Crazy walker

The crazy walker

Fay told me that this look was festival style boy scout. She then went on to comment that I'd probably be arrested. It wasn't my fault that they shrank in the wash.