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Evening view


Ewok. Relaxing

Ewok, relaxing

Ewok. Relaxing. Demonstrating how to invest time in the garden.

The Hedge Desk

The hedge desk. Height adjustable, but slowly.

The hedge desk. Height adjustable, but slowly.

Introducing The Hedge Deskā„¢.

"Work in tune with nature"

Height adjustable, but slowly. Clip the hedge to lower. Wait for the box to grow to raise. On size fits all. Eventually.

Available now in kit form. Send SAE for details.

Best mum

Judging the best mum competition

Judging the "my mum's better than your's" competition.

It was a draw.

Field Crossing

Crossing the field

Crossing the field

Crossing the field

Crossing the field

Peas. Lots of peas.

Old Sarum

With lovely Fay at old sarum

With lovely Fay at old sarum

With Lovely Fay at Old Sarum.

Lower Woodford

Views near Lower  Woodford

Continuing to be a lert on a catch-up afternoon stroll around Lower Woodford and the Avon valley. Beautiful.

Yogi. The Poser


Ewok and the haircut

Lockdown hair cuts

Are you laughing at me or my haircut?

Framed Selfie


Lazy days with Ewok

With Ewok

He's better at this relaxing thing than me.

Running Landscapes

Running landscape

Running landscape

First day of staycation

First day of staycation

I could get used to this.

Fay's Puddings

Sunday roast

With the boys

With H

We're not talking right now


(I'm working on the hair.)

Goodbye LHR16

Goodbye LHR16

Returning Devices

Tuesday evening, returning test & dev devices during my last working week. Bye bye to a locked down LHR16.

The manual of project code names

And yes, there's a story behind the book.

Lockdown dog days

Ewok's field

Evening walk

I think there's something out there

Hair by dad

Lockdown Hair

Lockdown Hair

Lockdown Hair

Finn's second lockdown hair cut. Hair by dad with background beats from a Faroese-Icelandic minimal, experimental techno duo.

Checking out the rabbit damage

Yogi and Ewok

That's damage caused by the rabbits. Not damage to rabbits. That would be a very different thing.

Field Margins

Field boundaries

Field Poppy

It's all at the edges.


Phase 3 in progress

Steps down the garden, not finished, but getting there.

Running Sunsets

Running sunsets

A bonus from learning to run (couch to 5k, slowly) is the sunsets.

A lesson from iPhone-in-your-pocket photography, low light things look good, initially, but quickly get over-processed when you view on a big screen.

Nose for a good burger

Yogi has a nose for a good homemade burger

Yogi has a nose for a good burger. Chef H's special.

Quality Inspection


Plant Shopping

Barrow of plants

Barrow of fewer plants

Mum went plant shopping. A barrow of stuff for the garden. Ewok wasn't too impressed.

walking through wheat fields

Walking through wheat fields

Walking through wheat fields

Lonely tree

Walking through (or maybe along) wheat fields to (one of) the lonely trees. It's about as far as we get these days.

Garden field

The field in the garden

Rain on the way

The garden. Looking more like a field.


Another ice lolly Ewok?

H interviewing Ewok for his lockdown experiences. Or, getting some attention with an ice lolly bribe.

Tidy, Dry and Light

Shed. Tidy.

After fixing the roof, the shed had a spring clean. Lighting added thanks to a solar panel on the (new!) roof and an old car battery. The panel also covered a hole where I'd missed the beam with a roofing nail!

The Beach

Dreaming of the beach

Reading Alex Garland. Dreaming of the beach.

Horsebox Coffee

Horsebox Coffee

Coffee by post. First delivery from Horsebox. Quiet lovely, but I need to tweak the grinder and shot weight I think.



Tracks across the field.