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Ewok keeping me company

Ewok snuck in to keep me company today. Snug.

The Thames at Wallingford

River Thames at Wallingford

Football-related injury at the weekend, so dropped F at sixth form and then walked the dogs at the other end of town. Variation.

A Castle Meadow Morning

Castle Meadows

Game Day


Mabli Visiting


Ewok. Proud of his lump

Mabli came to visit. The boys were very well behaved.


Back f22

H's new digs. Very similar to the last digs. Probably won't be as much fun as last year, but after six months stuck with us I don't think that matters!

Do you have everything


This morning's discussion: do you have everything? That's, of course, everything.

Leaving for Uni

Leaving for uni

Leaving for uni

Heading to uni. Again.

Window Frame

Window frame

Another in the occasional series.





Technology. Stuff that doesn't work right yet. Which is why low tech rules.

Tree in the Copse

Copse tree

The Copse. It's made of trees.

Winter, it's coming

First of the autumn leaves

Up for an early call and then a walk with the dogs. Overnight nature had decided to send a reminder that the seasons are changing. The first of the autumn leaves are down. Winter is coming. But then winter is always, always, coming.



Starting things new with folks spread all over the world. Everyone is 2D now.

The Doors

Removing Doors

Removing Doors

H does the doors. There's now more space and more light with them removed. But. The dogs now have freedom to roam. Didn't think that one through did we!

5k with F

Running the loop

Third 5k ever. That's ever ever, and the second with F. This time he'd recovered from whatever football-related injury he was carrying, upped the pace by an extra 1m30s per km, and left me back in the metaphorical dust.

I say that it was an injury, but it might have been slow-dad-sympathy.

The View From The Pod

View from the pod

Sat in the pod admiring the view and getting distracted from the work I should be doing.

Kissing the horizon

Kissing the horizon

Sunrise is getting later, but still beautiful. As was yesterday.

A grey day view

Grey Monday

After a week of mornings each blessed with a lovely sunrise today was grey. There's beauty in that there gloom.

Watching the Game

Watching the game

September sun. Perfect conditions for watching youth football. Enjoy it now before spectating in the wind, rain and sleet that we'll have to endure before Lockdown II.

3-0 up. 4-3 down. 4-4 final score. The right result. Bonus: a stonking left footed curving shot from outside the area, into the top corner of the net from F. Well played all.

Freecycling Bar Stools

Three ikea bar stools

Three Ikea bar stools have been with us since flat pack heaven. The last 10 years they've been in the shed, but now they have a new freecycled home. Nice one F.

A Walk at Christmas Common

Somewhere near Christmas Common

The woods

A catch up, lunch and a walk at Christmas Common, with the lovely H&D.

I have a feeling this is a prelude to something we've seen before. Wow, that was six months ago.


Path home

Sky on the evening walk.

Sunset panoramic

Worth a panorama. It's been a while.

Castle Meadows Evening Stroll

Castle Meadows Evening

Castle Meadows Evening

A lovely evening stroll with F, Ewok and Yogi around the Castle Meadows. The whole world felt like it was getting ready for bed.

For some reason I had Halide set to computational photography depth mode, so the DoF effect is very overdone!

Pod at dusk

Pod at dusk

Online Tutor

Tutor chat remote

F's college transition session was with a tutor via a video call. Not quite the on-campus experience he was hoping for.

Team Tea Mug

Team tea mug

Cooking Audience

Cooking with an audience

Activities for Not-Quite-Lockdown. Cooking with an audience. 10/10 mate, 10/10.

Morning Dog Walk Views

Morning dog walker's sky view

The sky put on a very VERY good show for this morning's perambulation.



The boys were most impressed.

morning autumn


Clear nights and crisp mornings. Memories of a previous September.

Watching a pod grow

Garden room construction

Garden room construction

Pod progress

Pod progress



Jon built an awesome pod for us in the garden. Sparks by Tom. Network by me. Views by God. It's the work from garden plan for the winter. Brrrrrrrr.

Me and my shadow

Me and my shadow

£&#*?! Moles



The Scythe



I borrowed Doug's Austrian scythe for an overdue cut of the wild flower meadow.

I learnt there's a reason people get "farm fit". Yogi & Ewok learnt to get "jump clear of an out of control swinging razor-sharp blade fit".

Welcome Mabli

Welcome Mabli

Welcome Mabli

Welcome Mabli

Welcome Mabli

Welcome Mabli. Welsh for loveable. Well named Mabli, well named.

Stadium Views

Stadium View

Another Sunday, another stadium view. This time the main pitch at Wallingford Town in the social-distance enforced stands. Football in the sun with decent coffee [1]. Pitch perfect.

[1] Home brewed, of course.

Sunrise for the lonely tree

Sunrise along the riverbank

Early morning stroll to catch the sun rising for the lonely tree.

Misty Morning

Path, just, to nowhere

Mist in the valley


Autumn is on the way. It's dark in the morning again. Clear, cold nights and mist in the morning. Heading down the field the path disappeared to nowhere. But along the bank it cleared… until the next patch rolled along.

Photographing Photography

Photographing photography

Yes, this one is a bit meta. But, there was a warning.

The Yogi Stare

The Yogi Stare

Perfected over years. This is the Yogi stare. It's effective.

River Bank Picnic

Picnic spot

A bit more than a year later we headed up river for a stretch and a picnic. Tranquil. We should do this more often.

Wood Store

Wood store

The boys helped D&S stock up ahead of the nights drawing in.



A new spot to work from

New spot to work

This thing appears to be going on a bit longer than most folks expected. So some commute $€¥£ diverted into a pod space place in the garden.

Impatient Ewok

Ewok moved in before the plaster was dry

The plaster was only just dry, but Ewok had moved in with his chair.

First Day

First Day

First day

Just back from a first (orientation) day. Time for a few days off to recover!

Enough Already

Enough of lock down

Yes. We've had enough.

Good Morning

Good Morning

Warming Up

Warming Up



There is something to be said for lounging on the river bank, watching random strangers navigate a gentle waterway in punts.

There is something to be said for lounging in a punt, watching random strangers on the riverbank waiting for you to fall in.


Botanic II

Oxford Botanical Gardens

Oxford Botanical Gardens

Oxford Botanical Gardens

A COVID compliant afternoon at the botanic. As lovely and beautiful as the last and first time we visited.

Oxford Botanical Gardens

Overheard near here:"It's a shame they've been too busy to keep this bit tidy, it's all so overgrown!"

A night out in a quiet Oxford

Night out in quiet Oxford

Masks on for a bus ride into Oxford.

Night out in quiet Oxford

A walk the long way past the castle to...

Jam factory Oxford

...the Jam Factory for the best dinner out in ages. The food was tell-your-friends-fantastic.

Night out in quiet Oxford

Night out in quiet Oxford

Night out in quiet Oxford

Followed by a post-dinner sight-seeing tour of the city at night.

Night out in quiet Oxford

The view from the hotel is, well let's say it's not shabby. And Oxford is lovely right now, with loads of traffic-excluded socially-distanced spaces to explore.

Running Views

There's a footpath there somewhere

A post appeared next to the footpath

Running views. The fields are ploughed, so the footpath is rough. In places some kind of inspection cylinders have appeared.



The Waterfront had a queue longer than the waterfront. Genius idea from Fay — picnic along the river instead. Grub from M&S at the garage. But OMG, cars! Number 18 was cute though.

First Game

Wallingford v. Wallingford

Wallingford v. Wallingford. First post-Covid game. Wallingford won.

People Parking

People parking on pavements

People parking on pavements

People parking on pavements

People parking on pavements

I went for a run. Some of it in the road. Because.