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Cooling off on a damp patch

Cooling off

Under the table

Something interesting under the table

There was something extra under the table. Took a while to spot it.

Big Day


Happy birthday beautiful.

April Snow

Snow ride

Snow ride

Snow ride

Snow ride

Snow ride

Snow ride

Snow in April? Proving that it's never a bad day to ride.

Pausing for the view


I tried to make it look like I'd stopped for the view. More like I'd run out of puff. Up hill, in slippy snow, with a demister failure with my spex.

Garden Evolved


The garden has changed. Controversial I know, but the boys claim to prefer it as it was.

Cue silence at the dinner table.


Litter Heros

Opening Up, Slowly



In a tree

In a tree

In a tree


Lovely time with the S's — as lock down opens up, slowly, slowly slowly…

Deck Chair


A deck chair from the RMS Titanic of the White Star Line. Or nicked from Pret?

That's a lot of sockets


"That's a lot of sockets" said Paul, a long log time ago. He was right. By my count that's four too many.


A long log time ago is a longer period of time than a long long time ago because it's time on a log-scale.

Floating in the Pod

Floating shelves

The floating book shelves in the pod work and Gran's picture looks even better here.






First ride of April. With sun and snow! Strava reckons it was 27.9km with 272m of elevation gain. But then Strava also claims a top speed of 75.2kmh so YMMV (or in this case YKMMV).

Route: Braziers Common Loop




F has been busy. A new border to hide the edge of the steps. Smart. My side of the garden is going to look good this year!

How I Feel


Ewok is doing impressions now. He calls this one "How you feel". I think you is me not you. He's getting quite good.

Ping pong tournament

After the tournament

Wow. The gradual easing or lockdown and our first visitors. Cue ping pong tournament. You'll be none too surprised to read that I lost. Again.

Lost, again.

Lost. Again.

Playing chess with H. Lost again. 4:1 down in the series. I was winning too, until I wasn't.