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Music Night

Music rounds (covers night)

Evidence from music night. This week the theme was covers. I think The Fall won.



Watching Ewok


"I think Ewok is up to something" said Yogi. "Quick! Come and look."

Ice Dancer

Ice fun

Paddling the Thames

Float down the Thames

Float down the Thames

Float down the Thames

End of a paddle

Lockdown sucks. A small respite by taking my daily exercise as a float (and occasional paddle) down The Thames from Little Wittenham to Wallingford.

Lost Umbrellas

Lost umbrellas

In the woods, at The Clumps. Lost. Or maybe just mislaid.

Blinded By The Light

Blinded by the light

The Trees

Hands up if you're happy tree

Hands up if you're a happy tree!

The lonely tree

Or a tree all on your own.

Tree line

Or a group of trees all in a respectful line. Must be British trees. Always in a queue.

On Thin Ice

Lae Gerald in Winter

Lake Gerald has frozen.

Yogi explores

Which makes for some more dramatic dog walk adventures.

Out on the ice

…but if you should go skating on the thin edge of the ice.

Out on the ice

Far enough

Out on the ice

Of course, Ewok is the cautious one. This is about 10x further than his comfort zone.

Me by F

But we made it safely across. So all good then.

Please, don't do this at home.

Yogi Skating

Ice skating

Frozen Steppe of South Oxfordshire

Frozen Steppe

Late this afternoon the three boys completed an expedition to Lake Gerald. They determined that Lake Gerald is frozen to a distance of 2m from the shore, at which point Yogi broke through and plunged paw deep into the frozen depths. Mum was not impressed.

Wrapped Up Too!

Wrapped up

Yogi gets in on the "wrap up warm" vibe. Toasty.

Wrapped up!


If you didn't know that the boiler was broken you could probably guess.

The boat house


The boat house house (it's a house on a boat house) at Shillingford is surrounded. More of a boat house island house.

John Lewis


Waitrose responds to the pandemic by adding a John Lewis section.

More Gerald

Lake Gerald

Lake Gerald has grown. The dampness persists.

Trouble remembering things

Improving my memory

More memory is the solution. But maybe we're happier when we forget things.

Finn's Burgers



Friday evening burger's with Chef Finn. Sorted.

night out

Night out with Yogi

Night out at the pub. Lockdowntastic.


The River Thames is a little wider today

The river is reflecting on its new position.

Pod at night

Working from home pod style

The pod in the evening.