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Dinner and Brunch

Dinner and Brunch

Dinner and Brunch

Gateway to the tree

Frosty tree field

Have I noticed the gate before?

Frosty Window

Frosty window

Patterns in the window and the shadows cast by morning frost. Chilly.

Let there be light


Light. Let there be light. USB powered portable light.

Frosty Tracks

Frosty Tracks

Bob's dreamy tracks in the frosty wheat field.

Poo with a View

Poo with a view

Near Miss

Near miss

It's been a while

It's been a while

The snow gear had shrunk since the last time it was needed.


So an upgrade to Bernie-style was called for.

A dusting

A dusting

A dusting

Frosty morning walk

Good morning winter

Warming up at the Meadows


A frosty morning walk to Castle Meadows just so that Yogi could have a pint of his favourite beverage. Chilled.

It was lovely he said.

Morning Run Boys

Morning run

Early. Frosty. Slow. Today's morning run with the boys.

The path is muddy and bumpy

The Thames Path between Wallingford & Benson

The path between Wallingford and Benson was resurfaced. The the river flooded over into the water meadows (like it is supposed to). Then the water retreated. Now the lovely path is muddy and bumpy again. It cycles.

Lockdown Sports

Lockdown sports

Ten months after the UK locked down for COVID and we're running out of indoor sports.

In the vague chance that you stumble upon this, please please do not try this at home. Or at the shops. Or at the park. And definitely not at school.

Signs of life

Signs of life

Still winter but signs of spring to come. Soon we hope.

Shed. Done (ish)


The shed is done. Not done done. Just done.

The boxes face west, so hopefully won't be too hot, nor too cold. But if they're successful in attracting residents then I might not be able to use the door.

On reflection maybe I didn't plan that bit too well.

A two coffee day

Two coffee day

Two coffee day

Today was a two coffee day. Recently many days have been like this. I'm blaming a COVID-restrictions induced brain-fog.

Or maybe just a love of coffee.

Woodinville Bear!

Woodinville Bear

Woodinville spent the holidays with S&D next door. He said he'd had a wonderful time, but that he was ready to come home to the front garden.

Woodinville Bear

While he was away his hair has grown. "I'll need it cut soon" he said.

Dinner x2


Saturday: If we can't go to Le Clos then Le Clos comes to us!


Sunday: F on fire!

Avocado Challenge

Avocado stones

F, getting ready to challenge Toni to an Avocado growing competition. Results in 5 years.

Winter sun blues

The sun, trying

The sun was trying, but only succeeded in making the day feel like a Harry Potter scene. Or an album cover for something Sean would like us to listen to.

Winter Blues

It finally managed to drive the clouds away, for some afternoon Winter Blue.


My window notes

The window is the noteboard.

Thames Path Disappearing

Thames Path disappearing

Thames Path disappearing

Between Benson and Wallingford. You can see the old fence that used to be the field boundary almost in the river.

Yogi finds the wet mud

Finding the wettest muddy bits




For some reason, the bottle's don't last as long this way.


Canoe over the bridge?

My physically-distanced exercise today was collecting the canoe that Tony borrowed during the flood, and wheeling it along the river bank. I would rather have paddled it, and based on the number of people also walking along the path, the water option would probably have been safer.

Snow! 2021 style

Snow capped jumps

It snowed. Just a tiny bit. But it was snow. The last time we had decent snow here was December 2010.

Dogs on Seats

Ewok's Chair

Ewok's new favourite chair.

Sofa surfing

The perfect place to wait for everyone else to get home.

The Clumps in the Distance

The Clumps in the Distance

A glimpse of The Clumps from the bridleway in Dorchester. Taken on yesterday's ride just before I remembered the river was flooded.

Riding home from Oxford

Riding home from Oxford, cross country

Riding home from Oxford, cross country

Riding home from Oxford, cross country

Riding home from Oxford, cross country

Riding home from Oxford, cross country

Up early doors for an MRI with the lovely folks at the Nuffield and then a ride home, cross-country style. It would have been more cross-country, but I forgot that the river was flooded at Dorchester. F said that was no excuse and I should have made it into a triathlon. He's probably right.

It's been a while since I came this way and 9 months of repeating lock-downs and stay-at-home government messaging mean that my cycling legs and cross-country arms aren't what they were. Tired now.

new door new wall

Building doors

New year, new wall and a new door. Well, almost, still some bits to finish.

You might say this is part 3 in the shed project. Part one was the roof and part two (solar!) powered lighting and USB charging. Progress.

The first walk of 21

The dog walker

Starting as we mean to go on.

2020 Fades to Mist

Fading into the fog

Here's hoping 2021 is kinder than 2020.