New Office View

Posted by Aiddy on Wed 13 October 2021

I've had a few office views over the years.

There was the Barrington Hall View; the gardens of an English Country House. There were the Microsoft Redmond Campus views that included Lake Bill, a hint of the Cascades and perfectly manicured grass. The Microsoft UK office view was memorable through not being worth remembering (but the walk there and back was awesome). I'm not sure if the The Oxford Academy counts, it was a classroom not an office after all (but the commute was good too). Skype had many views, from Tallinn, to Seattle and even London. And mixed in around this period were some "I'm workings on the train office views. Amazon provided some variations on a theme, Seattle (again!) towards the space needle, and London looking East and West. Then there's been last 19 months of office views that have had a large proportion of "working from the garden".

Office views

Office views

But of all the office views, the latest are not too shabby.

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