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More Boats



Looks like Dr. No set an example. Now all the boats are turning out for May Day.

Baby Swallows

Baby swallows

Look closely. Swallow's nesting in the dunes part way to Polzeath.

A quiz for Granddad L: how many are there?


Padstow 'obby 'oss bunting hanging - may day preparation

Padstow 'Obby 'Oss May day preparation Flags and Bunting

Padstow 'Obby 'Oss May day preparation Flags and Bunting

Somebody's getting ready for something.

Evening Walk

Yogi & Ewok

Middle loop

Dr. No in Padstow

Dr. No in Padstow inner harbour

Face in the Fireplace

Face in the stone



Grabbing a coffee

Coffee Stop

Coffee Stop

Bike 4 coffee



Hopefull Ewok


Adventures in transporting wood

Adventures in buying wood

The roof bars took a while to figure out. Then the rails needed to be clean before attaching the bars. So the car needed to be washed. That took a while. Then a hunt in the shed to find the straps. That took another while. Finally, a trip to Colliers and without too much flaffing about the 2×2s (aka 38×38s) where on the roof. Except…

Adventures in buying wood

…yes, you guessed it, I'd left the straps at home. Safely under the watchful eye of Woodinville Bear.

Adventures in buying wood

Never mind though, turns out the wood was short enough to stash indoors.

If only I'd have thought of that sooner.

The special corner

This corner is special

F's fish pie had a special corner.

Yogi wants my toast

Yogi wants my toast

The path, transplanted

Path transplant

Farmer T is moving the path. It might be tidy, but it's rough on the wildlife.

Good morning river

Good morning river

Three - Two - One

One pair, two mats, three stars

One pair, two mats, three stars

Birthday Flower's by Bike

Green & Gorgeous

Green & Gorgeous

Green & Gorgeous

Green & Gorgeous

Green & Gorgeous

A ride to Green & Gorgeous. Lovely flowers and a lovely ride. Inspiration for some painting!!!

Good Morning

Good morning

Bluebell Birthday Walk

Bluebell birthday walk

Bluebell birthday walk

Bluebell birthday walk

Bluebell birthday walk

Bluebell birthday walk

Happy birthday lovely.



Moles. Don't you just love them?

Sunday Lunch

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's Lamb, Potatoes & Mushrooms. P249 of Three Good Things... On a plate.

Part of sunday lunch for 15-ish. Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's Lamb, Potatoes & Mushrooms (from P249 of Three Good Things… On a plate).

PS please don't tell H about the mushrooms.

The path to guess where

The path

Answers in the comments or on a postcard.

No favourites here


I guess the old man deserves a comfortable spot. He is nearly 90 after all.

Preparing Flights

Adjusting Flights

Preparing flights for the great weekend darts match. The grey fox was unable to defend his championship title due to a previous engagement with a palm frond. M was the unexpected tournament break through (double 20, and a triple 19). But F, or maybe P, just pipped H for the win.

St Mary's

St Mary's Church, Newham Murren, Oxford, UK

St Mary's Church in Newham Murren. Tucked away just off the Ridgeway. Blink and you'll miss it.

Through the looking glass

Inspired by A

Inspired by A's 'Through the magnifier'.

Guarding H

On guard

Yogi on guard duty. Afternoon snoozes must be protected!



Inspired by A's series of pasties, I present Beanz. Yup, with a "z". Apparently it was z-ed sometime around 2008, which unsurprisingly is long before they were available in the United States other than as imports by the English Pantry.

Beanz. Seriouzly?

Spot the cat

Spot the cat

Yes, F's favourite cat is out and about. Though the rabbits aren't so pleased.

Jam Factory Floor

Jam Factory Floor

The amazing floor of the Jam Factory.

Skelton Tree

Skeleton Tree

This tree is sculptural.

Climbing Sequoias

The Sequoias

I asked the boys (no, not those boys, nor those, the SMMS boys) for some advice on climbing these lovely specimens. The consensus so far is to start at the bottom, although B is still thinking.

"Time has a different quality in a forest, a different kind of flow. Time moves in circles, and events are linked, even if it's not obvious that they are linked. Events in a forest occur with precision in the flow of tree time, like the motions of an endless dance." The Wild Trees, Richard Preston

Lonely Tree

It's a bit daunting, so I think I'll start with this one. And work my way up.

A quick pint

A quick drink

We stopped off half way for a quick pint. "Nice bar" said Ewok.

Bike TLC

Bike bits

The Aiddy alter-Nate Commute Vee-hee-call is still going. Ish. Going rather than going strong that is. Ish. It just needs some TLC. A lot of TLC for the AACV.

A morning dog walk in April


The planes are back in the skies. Getting ready for the Easter rush.

A yogi walk

Yogi, having just realised that the wheat isn't yet tall enough to hide in, chases after a nonchalant Ewok.

"I knew you were there anyway." he said.

A yogi walk

I think he was still upset from being forced to pose while sat on a downward slope. "It makes me look all hunched up" he complained.

The 積ん読 Bench

Book bench

The boys were round for music (Roy Harper), chat, beer & snacks. Obviously I had to arrange the 積ん読 along the bench, in a not so subtle attempt to impress.

Walking to the station

Walking to the station

Office Spring View

Office View

Brexit Opportunities

So many Brexit Opportunities

Finally, we received one of the fabled benefits.

Graphs from the FT

Graphs from the FT

The Financial Times is still looking. It might be a while.

The Economist

The Economist

The Economist looking for one, just one, of the elusive promised Brexit opportunities.

Yes, I did predict the future which is why 👆 that link goes foward in time. Clever eh?

Cars, on pavements

Cars on pavements (aka sidewalks)

Cars on pavements (aka sidewalks)

There was a time that this post would have been titled Cars, on sidewalks. But we've been fully re-acclimated now. Almost.

This post is for everyone who ever asked "Why doesn't that cyclist get out of my way". You're welcome.

Guinness Challenge

Guinness, from a can

M started a Guinness Challenge. Here's my pour attempt from a can.

Oh, and note how the computational photography calculation to simulate DoF got the glass wrong, again 😎 📷 🖥


Ewok's Fringe is a Basin

Mum cut my fringe with a ruler. Do you like it?


Dad's looking out for me.

Coffee, Podcast, Soak and a View

Coffee, podcast, soak and a view

Sunday mornings.

Yogi listens

Yogi listening

Just not to me.

Design in a magazine

Design in a magazine

The trouble with selling your designs through an agent is that you don't usually know where they end up. Then one day you see your work in a magazine. Sophisticated. Quintessential. Joyful.

Proud of you F.

what time of day is this if I tell you it's on a walk with E&Y earlier this morning somewhere near the house?

Shadow selfie

Answers in the comments.