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I blame Sean

Rock Oyster

I started with a txt from Sean. He'd spotted a flyer for a "music festival for people that don't do music festivals".

Not to be out done, I quickly searched up the twinkling lights we'd seen the night before while crossing the Camel at Wadebridge. Aha, some festival thing, a combination of music and… food. Hardly surprising in the land of the rising PadStein.

Rock Oyster

Although I'd missed Grandmaster Flash by about 12 hours (tragedy) Passenger was playing that evening. And day tickets are still available you say? Wonderful. Despite my sarcastic negativity, probably the best live set I've seen. And yes, that includes both Ghost Face Killer and Cradle of Filth.

The trees are running

Dancing trees

Watch out, heavy plants are on the move. Very heavy.

Cove with a view

Perfect spot

Cove with a view. A view of the three people and two dogs getting cut off on the sand bank by a rising tide across the estuary. Fortunately "swimming for it" was successful.

Tide times

Take care folks. And check the tide times.

Happy 81

L's Birthday

Happy 81 L!!!! The birthday swim is becoming a tradition. Hopefully the post-swim Thai meal will too.

L's Birthday

The boys went for a dip too. Just not these boys.

L's Birthday

As ever, Pip kept watch.

Tree Path Walk



The dead tree on the path home.

Congratulations H

Dinner out

Dinner out

Celebrating with H - two very proud parents, and a proud little brother. A tough covid three years at uni. Well done super star!!!!

It's a dog's life



E is so happy with the bed under the breakfast bar that he's pretty much moved in permanently. He nearly missed the evening walk because he was so chilled.

Brightwell Run

Brightwell run

Brightwell run

F was walking the boys with H so I cadged a lift to Brightwell and ran home over the hill. Puffed.

Out and about in Oxford

Out in Oxford

Starting at Redbridge Park and Ride with EV charging powered by some massive "grid scale" battery that was installed at Cowley Substation. Perhaps that's why you pay for parking and the park & ride bus, which together is more than parking at the Westgate. Genius!

Out in Oxford

First stop: energy with a most lovely veggi brunch at the Handlebar cafe.

Out in Oxford

Then the highlight of the trip: we went to the Ashmolean to see the Pre-Raphaelite's (Mr. S would be impressed). Turns out F had seen it before: just before it had closed for a Covid lock down. I'm not sure what I enjoyed most, the two-faced double-edged exhibition texts; or the grey-haired mafia with their phones snapping every picture and every word. Absolutely hysterical. Obviously, I'm from a younger generation that feels it's just not done to wander the galleries clicking away on your smart phone. So instead I give you a picture of something from the gents.

Flowers from the Garden

Flowers from the garden

I'm resting my chin

I'm resting

Well said Yogi.

It's a bit warm

It's a bit warm said Yogi

"It's a bit warm" said Yogi.

Note quite 40

Scorching might be a better description.

Randall illustrates why this is a problem in xkcd 1732 below…

Earth temperature timeline

Head Fail

Too much head

Another attempt.

London - Amsterdam & Back

Elizabeth Line, Farringdon

Work trip to Amsterdam via the Eurostar. St Pancreas to Amsterdam central in ~4 hours which is a bit crazy considering home to Liverpool Street used to be ~2 hours. (Although that was bike-train-bike 😉) Connecting from Paddington to St Pancreas was a whizz, what with the Elizabeth line taking about 8 minutes from Paddington to Farringdon. Would have been quite handy for getting to Chancery Lane back when that was my commute.

My next bike?

My next bike?

Maybe. Possibly something similar. Maybe not.


$$ Bikes_{perfect number} = Bikes_{current} + 1 $$

Cool yes?

Colourful Amsterdam Run


Morning run around Amsterdam. The Keizersgracht route.

Team meetup in Amsterdam


Team photos




The Location

Hotel Ink

A short trip via Eurostar to Amsterdam for a couple of days with the lovely product team. Super.

Killing Herbs

Didn't make it

A week away and we've nuked the parsley.



Inflation. It's up.

Lunch @ Prawn on the ~~Lawn~~ Farm

Lunch view at Prawn on the Lawn

Lunch at Prawn on the Farm. Scrumptious food. Great service. Almost perfect company and a lovely view across to the monument. Again?

Ewok had a mug shot

Ewok's mug shot

Spot Ewok


Morning Walk Mono

Camel Estuary

Morning dog walk

Morning dog walk

Morning dog walk

Morning dog walk

Up early, but it was already hot. The same walk is also available in colour if you prefer. Vote in the comments.

Morning Walk Colour

Path to Padstow beach

Morning dog walk

Morning dog walk

Morning dog walk

Morning dog walk

Up early, but it was already hot. The same walk is also available in mono if you prefer. Vote in the comments.

Good Morning Padstow

Good Morning Padstow

Nearly the same view as last night.

Good Night Padstow

Goodnight Padstow

A wander around the inner harbour to the Friday evening sounds of something from the Harbour Inn. I wonder what it will look like tomorrow?

Books on a table

Books on a table

Holiday birthday books. Thanks mum!

Bike ride to Wadebridge

Camel Trail at Wadebridge

We hired bikes and went shopping in Wadebridge. It's a lovely ride.

Morning Views

Morning Views

Looking one way to the ocean.

Morning Views

Looking the other way to Rock.

Evening Stroll

Evening beach walk

Evening beach walk

Evening beach walk

We almost had the beach to ourselves. Almost.

Salad by Aiddy

Dinner salad

Afternoon Snooze

Sleepy afternoon

Well, we're on holiday ☺

End of the pint

End of the pint

A silver lining story. H & D had to hastily rearrange their holiday when the transport to Montenegro suddenly wasn't. Instead they're on a touring trip of Cornwall which meant we got to spend a lovely day with them as they made their way to the Minack. A lovely bonus to our week. D took a marvelous group selfie, while I got this shot of the glass on the pub table. Go figure.

CCTV watching the view

CCTV keeping an eye on the view

It was probably sometime in 1992 when I heard Wally Axford describing the lens-less camera of the future. It was in the Photo Science labs in the basement of Riding House Street and, I think, during an extended image processing practical session with an Acorn Archimedes something or other. Wally's theory was that the future camera would just be a GPS device. All you needed to know was where you were.

It would generate the perfect picture by composing something from a combination of stock imagery for where you were with the curated images of the people you were with. His theory was that a) most people couldn't capture a great landscape photo, b) most people didn't like most pictures of themselves, and c) no one cares really about the actual picture, more it's the memory it evokes or the message it sends.

At the time there was some Kodak research floating around that the most common photo was granny in front of a bin in the garden. So Wally's idea would give you the best photo of granny with the best bits of the garden (without the bins, or a telegraph pole sticking out of grannies head).

Tech went in a different direction, with computational cameras in every pocket. But I can't help wondering if the highly curated feeds on facebook, insta or wherever are telling us that we'd be better off with something closer to Wally's vision.

But then there's deep fakes, which is pretty much exactly what Wally envisioned. Except they've not (yet) reinvented and replaced the camera.

Fork in the path

The path forks

Random walk dog walks: every time there's a junction with a choice we follow Ewok. One day we might end up at Bodmin Parkway.

Driving test pop quiz

To give way or not to give way

Who has priority at this junction and who should give way?

Sunset bus stop

Number 10 to Bodmin Parkway

The Number 10 to Bodin Parkway. My guess is it takes a week.

Evening Sun

Evening sun

Sunlit harbour, perfect spot for a glass.

Tree Fern

Tree Fern

Awesome pressie from G J A & F. Thank you.

Reading labels

Yogi helped read the instructions.

The wine should be in the glasses

And a couple of glasses helped while contemplating the best positioning.

My perfect beach


Still, my favourite beach. Not sure why.



Yogi, one beach too many today.

Airstream Coffee

Airstream Coffee BEach Hut Cafe Harlyn

Airstream Coffee at the Beach Hut Cafe, Harlyn.

Me taking you

Snapping F

Snapping me snapping you.

Beach Not Constantine



A little walk from Trevone to Harlyn and back for a) fuel and b) to decide to go boarding at Constantine.

The surf was a little bigger, but much, much messier. Low tide and we nearly ended up in Boobys.



Look closely, there's someone jumping!


Dinner alfresco



Padstow Harbour Evening

Padstow Inner Harbour

Around Padstow


My shadow takes photos


Quayside Infra

Quayside Infrastructure

Locked out


More beach @ Harlyn




Boot prints.

Family on a beach

Beach Family

Beach cave

Beach cave

Working from Stein's

Steins View

When it's quiet a ½ decent spot for a coffee and a catch-up.

Working from Padstow

Working from the window sill

Working from the windowsill. Comfy. Ish.

Field Views



Lane views from a pre-journey dog stretch walk.

Fish and Chip Selfie

Chip selfie

Fish and chip supper down by the river.

Cover art crit

Cover art crit

Family feedback. F is the best.