Wellness Day 2

Posted by Aiddy on Tue 01 November 2022

Bus to Harlyn

The weather for the week looked to be worsening. The best way not to get soaked by the rain is to already be in the water. Magic Seaweed reckoned Harlyn would be fun, and Constantine Surf concurred.

So I hopped on the number 56 bus to Newquay, stopping at Harlyn Bridge.



I'd gambled right. Harlyn was beautiful, and I wasn't the only one there (good for your confidence when the surf is nicely busy).

The waves were breaking perfectly, with a cross wind conjuring rainbows in the spray.

I also learnt of another use for a body board: head protection when the hail storm hit. Rather a surreal experience floating beyond the breaks and waiting for the squall to pass.


The beach box was open too, so a flat white for me.



Which set me up nicely for the walk back to Padstow via Trevone...

Padstow farm shop

...and the Padstow farm shop.

Ruthy's Lane

And then across the fields to Padstow and a hot bath.

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