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New Gate. New Road

New gate

New road

Ewok inspecting the new gate and the (maybe) temporary access road for the lock keepers.

Saturday with the bike

Bike servicing

Service, with a view.


Cone of shame

Grazed paw. Infection. Cone of shame. All in a days week for Yogi bear.

St Patrick's Day

St Patrick's Glass Failures

Glass selection failure Γ— 3.

Know your place

Pedestrians. Know your place

Pedestrian infrastructure FTWβ€½β€½β€½

Spring Evenings



An early evening walk. Ewok was gently persuaded to climb down the rocks to the beach. He wasn't too keen, but loved the sand when he eventually made it.

Window Sill

Strand Street Saturday Moments

The lemon geranium is pondering whether to recover from being left alone with the curtains closed.

Post run views

Post run - muddy shoes

Muddy run == muddy shoes == take them off before entering house

Post run - muddy bath

Muddy run == my turn to clean the bathroom

Next stop Padstow

Next stop Padstow

Dinner Extras


Sunday lunch treat at the Harbour Inn means an extra treat for the boys.


Field of daffodils

Little Petherick loop is turning into my favourite run. Podcast until somewhere around 6k and then beats to get me home. Half way round I panted past a field of Daffodils. Yellow buds as far as you could see.

Where do you get your coffee

Padstow inner harbour

Stein's asked "Where did you get your coffee while we were closed in January?"

Cherry Trees. And now my loyalties are split.

Watching the surfers

Watching the surf

Watching the surf

Rarely is the surf surfable in Hawker's Cove. Today was rarely.

New career

Pig farmer

Pig farming.

Blocked Sink

Strand Street Saturday Moments

Strand Street Saturday Moments

Strand Street Saturday Moments

Strand Street Saturday Moments

A Saturday morning spent removing gunk from the sink waste. I kinda hoped we'd be starting with the renovations by now. Next year?


When it rains the moss overflows

When it rains a lot, the drain overflows and floods moss from the pub roof into the courtyard.

Post-lunch stretch

Hawker's Cove

A post-(bistro)-lunch required a short stroll to walk off the loveliness. I don't think that F was impressed that it turned into an 11k loop. The dogs are now sleeping though!

Something to celebrate?



Working from the office

Working from the office

What's this? A change from working in the office? Yup. Another day in big London towne.



Very exciting. F can't quite believe it. All to be revealed, maybe.

Bike Gear

Bike gear

Bike gear

It's depressing, and somehow frigtening, how much difference riding with that little camera sign makes. It's almost as if many drivers only decide not to gamble with my life when they think they might be caught on film.


Environment Agency

Environment Agency

Environment Agency construction. An access road for the lock keepers because the weir is unsafe and the footpath across it is now closed. It may be a while.



Gift from the new country. Dunkers! All the way from NYC Trader Joes. Huge thanks to K for lugging them all the way.

N's bike

N's bike

N's bike. Safe and sound on platform nine.

In Bristol

Ewok in Bristol

Back from Padstow via Honiton and Bristol. Ewok loved the quay-side brunch.



When granny wasn't looking cheeky got comfy.


Padstow Pump

Padstow pump. 1592. That's a while.

Dog walking views

Dog walks

Dog walks

Valentine in Padstow




A happy valentines from Padstow.

Iconic Views



In rain and shine, focus or blur, the mouth of the estuary view is pretty iconic.

In Training

In training

The boys are in training. Or at least they are claiming to be.

A bit frosty foggy

Fog and Frost

Fog and Frost

Frosty ewok

It was all a bit foggy and frosty this morning. Ewok was impressed.



The wonderful Sequoia seedling, a gift from lovely M, pic taken to include as an illustration for a team gathering. The team recommended naming it Filiz, which is sprout in Türkçe.

Hello Filiz.

Acoustic Ballroom

Acoustic Ballroom

Knee, after meeting road


Knee, meet road. My fault. Forgot to slow down (at all) before taking the corner. Idiot. More of a slide than a fall. Must ride slower!



Anyone seen my straw? said Ewok

Active Travel

Tight rope

Oxfordshire have a policy to encourage active travel. You probably couldn't guess from the state of the footways.

Frost to Fog


A bit foggy

Frost turned to freezing fog for the best part of the week.

It burns

Which meant the smoke from that smouldering bonfire lingered.

Misty path

While the newly cleared woodland path disappeared into white nothing

A bit foggy

It was even foggy in the big smoke. Look carefully and you'll see not-really-Big-Ben peering through the murk.

Light rope

But, it did mean the patio lights were pretty!

Morning Coffee




The Thames expanding

River Thames out into the Meadows at Wallingford

Wallingford Castle Meadows looking damp

The River Thames at Castle Meadows looking a bit wider than usual.

Comfortzone Expanding Wine

New wine

R had a theory that time goes faster as you get older because you have fewer new experiences. We decided to put this to the test by going for a different bottle of wine at our favourite Wallingford eatery. Comfort-zone expanding.

Biffa Bin


Garry, the garden waste bin, feels unloved. Biffa have been ignoring him. I've said not to take it personally, but I don't think I've been that persuasive.

Garry has written to Biffa, we'll keep you updated.

Tidy Jumps

Tidy jumps

The kids that jump really do keep the woods tidy. We could learn a thing or too from them. Not least because they clean up the mess that people throw out of their car windows and then blows in from the road.

Lock Rescue

Environment Agency prep

The environment agency are preparing a rescue mission for the lock keeper. First stage is creating a parking area that's protected from the mud-quake.

Office views

Office views

Hey, it's dual-aspect!



A working from home (working from the garden) upgrade: DasKeyboard. Clickerty click.

It's quiet on a Tuesday

Office views

In to the office on a Tuesday. Wow is it quiet.

Dead Bike

Dead bike

A locked up dead bike opposite Charring Cross police station. Active travel FTW.

Tree Fern Happy

Tree fern happy

Yup, the lovely tree fern is happy 😁


Horses at Hawker's

Horses at Hawker's Cove.

Harlyn Boarding

Boarding at Harlyn

Boarding at Harlyn

Winter boarding at Harlyn with F. Great waves!


Next door

Popped into next door to say hello to the neighbours.

Gravel loop ride

Gravel Ride

The diverge managed an awesome south Oxfordshire loop. It was nicely muddy, with only just enough grip from the hybrid tyres. A slip-sliding backend of a ride.



Happy new year.

Smiling but still a bit blurry.

Thames Path

Thames Path

The path is closed at Benson lock.

Thames Path

Debris damage to the wear and the walkway over it means the path across the river may be shut for a while, possibly to 2024.

Thames Path

Thames Path

The folks from Richmond who left their boat on the beach in September came back to try and pump it out. But the pump and generator weren't up to the task so the boat is still there... but now with fresh coloured holding straps.

Thames Path