A comparison of sorting algorithms

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From an internal DL. A comparison of sorting algorithms on different types of data

Sorting algorithms

Or, through the medium of Hungarian folk dancing

.Net book recommendations

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Top 10 books everyone .Net developer should onw

Test Coverage

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What's the right amount of test coverage? Test Coverage and Post-Verification Defects: A Multiple Case Study provides some insights. Interestingly, they find:

that the test effort increases exponentially with test coverage, but that the reduction in field defects increases linearly with test coverage.

In other words, it takes more and …

Scrum and Agile Resources

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Scrum resources:

  1. The Scrum Guide
  2. Scaling Agile at Spotify

I still don't get why "scrum" is an appropriate name for the methodology. I

  1. Bad Agile (from a Googler's perspective).

Chances of Success

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Via Mr Coakley (who I didn't get a chance to teach with) a Ninja Infographic on the chances of success

Chances of Success

Engineering Leadership

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44 engineering management lessons from a co-founder of rethinkDB →

Observations on leadership from a lone nut dancing

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"The First Follower transforms a Lone Nut into a Leader."

Derek Sivers on leadership lessons from dancing guy.

Conway's Law

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organizations which design systems ... are constrained to produce designs which are copies of the communication structures of these organizations

—M. Conway in How do committees invent Datamation magazine, 1968. There's a PDF version with the original layout but with bitmapped fonts. http://en …

How Complex Systems Fail

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How Complex Systems Fail Richard Cook, University of Chicago.

Articulation of the steps that contribute to failure by the nature of complex systems. Focused on systems such as transport, health care, and power generation, with a corresponding implicit view of the hazardous nature of those systems.

When reading for software …

Technical Debt 101

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A primer about technical debt, legacy code, big rewrites and ancient wisdom for non-technical managers

PDF of medium post

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