First post

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So, here it is:

print("Hello, World!");

That okay with you?


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#Old Manningtree

On the Mac and I have activity manager open.

All the time.

Why? This is Mac. You're not meant to have to worry about things like that. Except on this Mavericks box that somehow drives the CPU over 100%. Magic.

The irony is that I'm ssh'd into a Pi where …

Hidden Files

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#Old Manningtree

I've always been slightly bemused at the concept of hidden files. It's a bit like making your desk slightly less messy by making some of the mess on it invisible.

Windows has an option in Explorer to show or hide hidden files. Easy.

Mac OS X not so much.

open …

Backup Mac

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#Old Manningtree #backup

In the spirit of minimal backups (see previous notes on the topic) here's the Mac version:

Mount the Windows Home Server volume:

mount -t smbfs //HOME-SERVER/Backups/MacOS /Volumes/Backups/MacOS

Then use rsync to sync:

rsync3.x86_64 -a -v --delete ~/Documents /Volumes/Backups/MacOS/Documents

Clean up:

umount /Volumes …

Ghost in the machine

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#Old Manningtree

This blog runs on wordpress. It's okay.

On a local machine I'm running Ghost. It's better than okay.

Note to self: migrate manningtree to Ghost someday... and

Traffic Light Notes

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#Old Manningtree

F's holiday homework is anything about lights.

He's chosen traffic lights.

I'm helping.

Things for us to remember...

Music from a Pi

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The Problem:


Windows 8--

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#Old Manningtree

For various reasons too long and boring to go into here I have a Lenovo U310 running Windows 8 that I'd like to be running Windows 7 (Flame avoidance: I love Windows 8.1 running on the Lenovo Carbon Touch ;-).

Things to remember if doing this again...

  1. The OEM license …

Where's the # key

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#Old Manningtree


NTS: Where's the # key on a mac?

On a EN-UK keyboard you'll be wanting to hold the ALT key and press 3

Steps to success: ICT Procurement

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#Old Manningtree

Amelie "I'm a PC"

The Department for Education provides advice for schools buying ICT. Given my experience of ICT purchased for use in school I wouldn't hold out too much hope [1].

In the interest of providing solutions rather than complaining about problems [2], here's my three steps to success for how to spend …