Securing RSync

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rsync is a workhorse. It's used to sync music between devices (hello Volumio1) and to backup F's design work to a NAS. With Windows Subsystem For Linux2 it has supplanted robocopy as the preferred tool of choice.

To run rsync over a secure channel the following steps set …

Fixing Manningtree

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Manningtree has been around almost as long as c r o s s o a k. It's been through two iterations and is now onto its third. The first was as a blogger site (you can see the remnants as pages exported from blogger like this one). Then it moved …

Analysing Crossoak

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A friend had a theory that photography, and therefore by extension c r o s s o a k is a window into my mental well being. So I did some digging which I'm capturing here (and which is in all probability a much bigger insight into my head...). If …

Fixing Crossoak

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C r o s s o a k is a photo blog that goes back to Lost Something in Cromer in May 2005. It's really a photo journal. Or a log of things illustrated by photos that's available on the web, a web log. It's been through a couple of …

Image viewing on a Raspberry Pi

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I wanted a quick and simple slideshow on a Raspberry Pi

apt-get install fbi
fbi -a -t 5 -noverbose img/*.jpg

Creates a slideshow with auto image scaling, a five second delay, without the status bar using all .jpg images in the img subfolder.

Encoding with FFMEG

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Wow. iOS is fussy about MPEG4 encoding. Stuff that worked fine as HTML5 video sources in Chrome and Safari on a Mac failed to load in various i-devices. In the end I re-encoded using FFMPEG and:

ffmpeg.exe"  -i -codec:v libx264 -profile:v main -preset slow -b …

Storage Pools

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If you're not restoring you're not backing up

Windows Server has this neat feature: Storage Pools. In a nutshell it separates the logical storage from physical devices. I use it to make two physical hard drives appear as one logical disk. Anything saved to the pool is mirrored to both …

More on MPD

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More jottings on MPD (previously on m a n n i n g t r e e)


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For those occasions where you don't have the bandwidth to watch something without buffering: youtube-dl.

On a Mac:

  1. sudo pip install youtube-dl
  2. brew install libav
  3. youtube-dl <url>

If bandwidth is a real pain and you just want the audio...

youtube-dl --extract-audio --audio-format mp3 <url>

To update:

sudo pip install …

Secure Copy

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Simple scp from remote to me:

$ scp [email protected]:file.txt /some/local/directory

Simple scp from me to remote:

$ scp file.txt [email protected]:remote/directory

Here's a cheat sheet