cURL on Windows (thanks Git)

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cURL is a nifty little tool for doing things with the web (like HTTP Requests). It's expecially useful for playing with REST APIs...

A coleague was having some fun calling into the REST API of our issue tracking system. A perfect job for cURL I thought, until I remembered that …

OneDrive from Python

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A nice commandline tool (based on a Python wrapper for the OneDrive REST API) for working with OneDrive.

pywin32 0. Setup a Python Virtual Environment 1. On Windows, install pywin32 . From the venv use easy_install (with …

Send to Kindle

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#python #Kindle #SysAdmin #tools

A nice little Python Script to send documents to Amazon Kindle via a command line.

(It works too :-)

Virtual Python

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#python #Programming

A quick starter on Python Virtual Environment


mkdir workingdir
cd workingdir
virtualenv venv

On Unix/Mac OS X use:

source venv/bin/activate

On Windows use:




To move the environment somewhere else:

  1. In existing (active) environment; grab a list of dependencies with pip …

More Mac OS Tips

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Some Mac Tips...

Copy and Paste

to open the go to dialog, then:


to paste.


Create a link to an application so I can easily run from a shell:

ln -s "/Applications/Sublime\ …

Making Word documents from Markdown

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Markdown is awesome.

So awesome that there's even a standardization effort to create one common markdown. XKCD on standards


Aside: James asked what the big appeal was. For me it's a plain text format that has built in context with minimal distracting markup. As example:

# I am a title in **Markdown**

\chapter …

Excel Macro Munging

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#Excel #VBA #macro #Programming

The problem:

A set of items in VSO where we wanted the ID as part of the title text.

(It's a long-ish story, but the default VSO board shows only title and assigned to so we adopted a convention of adding the ID to the title text too).

Over time …

Python on Unix

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#python #Programming

A fragment to let Unix boxes (and Mac OS X) know that this is a python script:

#!/usr/bin/env python

Add at the start of the script.

Make sure the script is executable with:

chmod +x

Mac OS Tools

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Some Mac OS X stuff…

ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"

To install Homebrew. You might argue that downloading and executing arbitrary ruby scripts is a tad dangerous. But then so is downloading and executing some bin. (With scripts you have the benefit of …

Memory Testing

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memtest does what it says on the tin. It tests memory. Grab the installer from and install onto a bootable USB.

On a recent machine you'll need to disable UFEI in the BIOS to boot from the USB stick.