Serving content during development

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Python's SimpleHTTPServer is my goto friend for serving HTTP requests locally while developing stuff. Sometimes however you get caught with the browser caching things that you really don't want it to. CTRL+F5 usually works (it's a hardcoded pattern for me by now) but today I stumbled on a gotcha …

Experiment: adding images

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Today, we'll try and add an embedded image. First, embedded HTML:

Roof tiles

Now we'll try with markdown using ![Alt-text](URL):

A test picture, this is a roof but that isn't what matters here

Downloading with wget

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#network #http #tools

Tools for downloading from the command line


Details on resuming downloads with wget

Adding Search to Pelican

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#blog #SysAdmin

To add search try this. You'll find additional details over on the Tipue site.

Update: 20140927

It works, but make sure you don't have conflicts with different versions of jQuery. Oh, the joys of mixing-and-matching frameworks.


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System administration hints and tips.

Mac OS X

Recovering Stuff

Some tips for recovering Mac's (a painful and too frequent experience)

Copying files

As soon as possible get a backup of the Users folders to an external USB. Start in recovery mode ⌘-R and then open a terminal. To copy …