Observations on leadership from a lone nut dancing

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"The First Follower transforms a Lone Nut into a Leader."

Derek Sivers on leadership lessons from dancing guy.

Conway's Law

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organizations which design systems ... are constrained to produce designs which are copies of the communication structures of these organizations

—M. Conway in How do committees invent Datamation magazine, 1968. There's a PDF version with the original layout but with bitmapped fonts. http://en …

Compost Tea

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I was trying to figure out what to do with the nasty weeds (Ground Elder and Bind weed). I didn't fancy burning, and regular composting is liable to just spread the stuff wider. Someone mentioned liquid composting, i.e. rot the stuff and use the liquid as a fertiliser.

I'm …

BT Broadband Update

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Update: 29/10/2014

Same person from @BTCare. Sorry to hear still slower than before. I checked speed while on the call (~4.4mps down). She wanted to check something, called back 10mins later with:

Test show that there's a mismatch on the supplier side. I'll escalate, normally 48hrs turnaround …

Learning by doing

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Learning by Doing / over / wishful thinking

Anneli (Typography in \TeX perhaps)

Incident Postmortems

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incident post-mortems are the technical debt of operations


Application Insights — Web Application Monitoring

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Visual Studio supports Application Insights. This provides an mechanism to add monitoring support into a web application. There's also a version for Azure.

Application Insights lets you monitor your live application for: * Availability - We'll test your URLs every few minutes from around the world. * Performance - Detect and diagnose perf issues …


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There's no recycling bandwidth


How Complex Systems Fail

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How Complex Systems Fail Richard Cook, University of Chicago.

Articulation of the steps that contribute to failure by the nature of complex systems. Focused on systems such as transport, health care, and power generation, with a corresponding implicit view of the hazardous nature of those systems.

When reading for software …

Brackets Editor

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In a HN thread on editors (Lighttable and that teams plans to do stuff with Eve) someone mentioned Brackets in the context of installed and haven't looked back since. Right now I'm happy with Sublime...

...but you never know.

Update: 2019-06-22 11:04:39

For quite a while now Visual …