Securing RSync

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rsync is a workhorse. It's used to sync music between devices (hello Volumio1) and to backup F's design work to a NAS. With Windows Subsystem For Linux2 it has supplanted robocopy as the preferred tool of choice.

To run rsync over a secure channel the following steps set …

Storage Pools

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If you're not restoring you're not backing up

Windows Server has this neat feature: Storage Pools. In a nutshell it separates the logical storage from physical devices. I use it to make two physical hard drives appear as one logical disk. Anything saved to the pool is mirrored to both …

Backup Mac

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In the spirit of minimal backups (see previous notes on the topic) here's the Mac version:

Mount the Windows Home Server volume:

mount -t smbfs //HOME-SERVER/Backups/MacOS /Volumes/Backups/MacOS

Then use rsync to sync:

rsync3.x86_64 -a -v --delete ~/Documents /Volumes/Backups/MacOS/Documents

Clean up:

umount /Volumes …

Easier backup

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If you've heard me going on and on about backup then you might be interested in this...

...based on some research from 2005-ish, households in the USA with broadband and 2 or more PCs sharing an Internet connection have the following characteristics:

Automating Workflow

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The piccy's of our England-football-BBQ took a while to post, partly because of the general air of depression following the result, and partly because of a self-imposed block on downloading pictures from the camera until I'd automated that part of the workflow.

I've always had a strange feeling about software …

Mac Attack

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I use Windows machines a lot, but I also use Macs and various flavours of Unix. For a while I've been recommending Macs to friends and family - especially for people who want something for normal life tasks: email, web, music, digital photo's, basic authoring (letter writing), simple financial planning and …

Backup, Backup, Backup

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Where are your pictures?

If you're like us, they're probably on the hard disk of your computer. So what happens if the disk fails; the computer is stolen; your house floods; the Christmas lights next door burn down half the street; or a nearby oil depot explodes? Chances are all …