Fixing Manningtree

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Manningtree has been around almost as long as c r o s s o a k. It's been through two iterations and is now onto its third. The first was as a blogger site (you can see the remnants as pages exported from blogger like this one). Then it moved …

Analysing Crossoak

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A friend had a theory that photography, and therefore by extension c r o s s o a k is a window into my mental well being. So I did some digging which I'm capturing here (and which is in all probability a much bigger insight into my head...). If …

Fixing Crossoak

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C r o s s o a k is a photo blog that goes back to Lost Something in Cromer in May 2005. It's really a photo journal. Or a log of things illustrated by photos that's available on the web, a web log. It's been through a couple of …

Seth's tips for better online surveys

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I quote this a lot so here's a link: Tips for Better Online Surveys

  1. Every question you ask is expensive.
  2. Every question you ask changes the way your users think.
  3. Make it easy for the user to bail.
  4. Make the questions entertaining and not so serious, at least some of …

Experiment: adding images

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Today, we'll try and add an embedded image. First, embedded HTML:

Roof tiles

Now we'll try with markdown using ![Alt-text](URL):

A test picture, this is a roof but that isn't what matters here

Adding Search to Pelican

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To add search try this. You'll find additional details over on the Tipue site.

Update: 20140927

It works, but make sure you don't have conflicts with different versions of jQuery. Oh, the joys of mixing-and-matching frameworks.

Windows Live Writer Fan Mail

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Dear Windows Live Writer,

You really are a delight. I do hope you don’t disappear in the maelstrom of Windows 8. I must say I do fear for your safety, the reports of your future are really quite troubling…

Windows Live Writer is missing from this post completely.

http …