Fixing Manningtree

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Manningtree has been around almost as long as c r o s s o a k. It's been through two iterations and is now onto its third. The first was as a blogger site (you can see the remnants as pages exported from blogger like this one). Then it moved …

Image viewing on a Raspberry Pi

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I wanted a quick and simple slideshow on a Raspberry Pi

apt-get install fbi
fbi -a -t 5 -noverbose img/*.jpg

Creates a slideshow with auto image scaling, a five second delay, without the status bar using all .jpg images in the img subfolder.

Encoding with FFMEG

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Wow. iOS is fussy about MPEG4 encoding. Stuff that worked fine as HTML5 video sources in Chrome and Safari on a Mac failed to load in various i-devices. In the end I re-encoded using FFMPEG and:

ffmpeg.exe"  -i -codec:v libx264 -profile:v main -preset slow -b …


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For those occasions where you don't have the bandwidth to watch something without buffering: youtube-dl.

On a Mac:

  1. sudo pip install youtube-dl
  2. brew install libav
  3. youtube-dl <url>

If bandwidth is a real pain and you just want the audio...

youtube-dl --extract-audio --audio-format mp3 <url>

To update:

sudo pip install …

cURL on Windows (thanks Git)

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#Programming #tools #SysAdmin

cURL is a nifty little tool for doing things with the web (like HTTP Requests). It's expecially useful for playing with REST APIs...

A coleague was having some fun calling into the REST API of our issue tracking system. A perfect job for cURL I thought, until I remembered that …

OneDrive from Python

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#programming #python #onedrive #tools #SysAdmin

A nice commandline tool (based on a Python wrapper for the OneDrive REST API) for working with OneDrive.

pywin32 0. Setup a Python Virtual Environment 1. On Windows, install pywin32 . From the venv use easy_install (with …

Send to Kindle

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#python #Kindle #SysAdmin #tools

A nice little Python Script to send documents to Amazon Kindle via a command line.

(It works too :-)

Making Word documents from Markdown

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Markdown is awesome.

So awesome that there's even a standardization effort to create one common markdown. XKCD on standards


Aside: James asked what the big appeal was. For me it's a plain text format that has built in context with minimal distracting markup. As example:

# I am a title in **Markdown**

\chapter …

Powershell JumpLocation

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#PowerShell #Tools

A PowerShell script that remembers where you've been and makes it really easy to Jump there →

Serving content during development

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#pelican #HTTP #tools #python #web

Python's SimpleHTTPServer is my goto friend for serving HTTP requests locally while developing stuff. Sometimes however you get caught with the browser caching things that you really don't want it to. CTRL+F5 usually works (it's a hardcoded pattern for me by now) but today I stumbled on a gotcha …