Storage Pools

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If you're not restoring you're not backing up

Windows Server has this neat feature: Storage Pools. In a nutshell it separates the logical storage from physical devices. I use it to make two physical hard drives appear as one logical disk. Anything saved to the pool is mirrored to both …


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I saw a BSOD today, oh boy, first in a while.

  1. Grab WinDBG(x64) — install the Windows Software Development Kit (from here for 8.1) and select the debugging tools in the installer.
  2. Launch WinDbgx64
  3. Set the Symbol Search Path to SRV*C:\Windows\symbol_cache* …

Windows Live Writer Fan Mail

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Dear Windows Live Writer,

You really are a delight. I do hope you don’t disappear in the maelstrom of Windows 8. I must say I do fear for your safety, the reports of your future are really quite troubling…

Windows Live Writer is missing from this post completely.

http …