This is C R O S S O A K where, since at some point in the middle of 2005, you’ll find things that might be interesting to us, could be interesting to you, but probably aren’t interesting to them. Last time I looked, it had been going for a tad over fifteen years, which might explain some of the things it has forgotten.

Why is C R O S S O A K the land of the slightly angry oak tree?

For that you'd need to ask Gran.

my gran

What would Great Gran say?

C R O S S O A K Rewound

C R O S S O A K started in May 2005, but sometime during the summer of 2022 I started adding photos from the back catalog. These are posts before May 2005 that have been added after May 2022. Confusing eh‽

You can find those posts in the archives and tagged as rewound.

The dates for rewound posts are best guesses. The pictures are from way back when and memory fades. If you think something's misplaced it probably is.


Last Updated: July 2022

PS If you like getting all meta there are some useless stats that you can peruse.