Blog Stats

Some useless stats about c r o s s o a k.

There are 3878 posts containing 6430 images. The oldest post was published on 2005-05-04 22:14:00 and the most recent on 2022-05-23 20:49:09.

A note from the editor (and his lovely boss) has the highest number of links (21).

Camp Muir has the largest number of images (19).

Weekend in Tallinn has the highest Flesch-Kincaid grade rating (37.3).

what time of day is this if I tell you it's on a walk with E&Y earlier this morning somewhere near the house? has the most words in the title (23) while COVID home testing has the most words in the text (279).

Oct 2021 had the most posts (84), and Oct 2021 had the most images (121).

234 posts are tagged.

Last time I checked there were 14 broken links in posts. Usually these are the result of bit rot out in the wilds of the interwebz. Sometimes they're just mistakes by me. YMMV.

Interesting Words & Phrases

There are 17 posts that include the term COVID, and that term occurs 18 times.

In pictures?

Some equally useless pictures of c r o s s o a k stats to ponder about trends.

Post Count

The total number of posts made each year

Posts per year

High in 2020 because… you know, a pandemic.

Average number of images

The mean average number of images in a post each year

Average images per post each year

Yes, in 2005 I hadn't figured out how to add more than one picture to a post ;-)

How hard posts are to read

The mean Flesch-Kincaid Grade reading index for posts each year

Average reading grade

I've being trying to make things easier to read, so much so that for low word counts the Flesch Kincaid algorithm goes negative 👍

Days with the most posts

Number of posts by day of the week

Posts by day of the week

Sunday wins. Then Monday for catching up on things that happened at the weekend (at least that's my guess).

Posts with links to c r o s s o a k

Mean average number of links to other parts of c r o s s o a k

Links to other crossoak posts

High in 2005 because of backlinks to images. And yes, in 2016 there were only two posts with links to other posts on c r o s s o a k, Yogi does the long grass and Office view, and none in 2017.

Month-by-Month Dots

A pair plot of posts and images for each month across year and month (each dot is a month)

Lots of dots!

Note the gaps in months vs years that show periods when there was nothing posted on c r o s s o a k.


I've no idea how many times people have asked for a surprise.

Monthly Images

The timeseries for the number of images posted per month

Timeseries images per month

and for the number of words in the post per month

Timeseries words in post per month

and for the number of words in the post title per month

Timeseries words in post title per month