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Images from the land of the slightly upset oak tree

Lurking in the shadows

Lurking the shadows

There's a ghost in my elevator.

Wittenham Home

Running views

Walked the boys with F around the Dorchester Loop but then left them half way round to jog/waddle home.

Running views

The on-road bits were more overgrown than the off-road.

Running views

Expectant Yogi

Expectant Yogi

Yes, he was successful.

Val & Caroline

Val & Caroline

With lovely Valerie & Caroline.

Cyclists from shop windows

Olde Skool

Cyclists from shop windows

Cyclists from shop windows

Hanging out in Wallingford, getting new specs fitted and grabbing coffee while spotting a person or more on a bike or two.

Simon & Gary

G & S

An absolute privilege to share such a special day. Thanks guys ♡

Sounders T

Sounders Soccer Camp shirt -- 13 years later

F spotting a 13 year old Seattle Sounders Soccer Camp T-Shirt. Perfect revision attire for the last A-Level exam tomorrow...

Zoombie Sunset

Zoombie Sunset



Choices, choices, choices.

hide and seek

Anyone seen Ewok?

Anyone seen where Ewok is hiding?



Lovely. Thanks F!

Beautiful Clouds

Evening Sky

Happy Birthday Ewok

Happy birthday Ewok -- 13 today!

Happy Birthday Ewok! Thirteen today, wowzers!


Cuppa tea cake

Cuppa-tea-cake @ 50. Perfecto.

Running to the office

Running views: the mall

Admiralty Arch

Achievement unlocked: 5.01k from Paddington Station to the office. I hadn't factored in running with a backpack (laptop, change of clothes, spare shoes, bike lock‽‽‽). It was a tad warm too.


Heading out for dinner

Walking to dinner with Lovely F last night.

Tom's Badge

We found Tom's badge on the path. So we wedged it in the gate post in case Tom, or someone who knows them, passes by.

Jubilee Sweet Shop

After dinner we found the best Jubilee Shop window. If only I cared 😜

Heading home from dinner

While on the way home we admired the roof tops and bunting.

Regent Street

Which was almost as impressive as the flags still adorning Regent Street this morning. Colourful.

Post Sunday-Brunch Xbox Chill Games

With the boys

I play, but it's a stretch to say I compete.





Yogi, hope over expectation.

Wet Yogi

Yogi, after chasing rabbits through a rain-drenched garden

Yogi, after chasing rabbits around a rain-drenched garden.

Rabbits 1:0 Yogi

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