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Three all

3-3. Two from F, including an amazing space-creating fake that left two defenders sliding to block a shot that wasn't there. Some lovely play to watch. Some nice sideline (distanced) socialising too. Could have done without the running commentary from the opposition manager, but I managed to tune it out after a while.

Lovely Fay


Wallingford Bridge

Waiting for the green at Wallingford Bridge

Has anyone else noticed that the lights at Wallingford Bridge are always red? Even early in the morning when the sun is struggling.

Walking the dogs. Again?


Days like this when we both want to walk the dogs in the morning. Funny that. Ewok's advice was to make the most of it.

London. Again.


London. The third trip since March. Probably the last until next year.

A beautiful Autumn morning for a ride through the city, from Paddington to Shoreditch House. But things were very quiet. Whether the backstreets around the British Museum.


Or the lack of the usual (pre-COVID) traffic queue from Chancery Lance to Holborn Viaduct.


Or Shoreditch High Street at the A1202. All quiet.

And yes, you can see where I used to work in that last picture. I nearly popped in to say 'Hello', but there was nobody there.

Boys Chill



Ewok fell asleep sitting up on the bench.

Yogi tried to fall asleep with his chin on the bench. A different bench.

Couch to 5.97km

Running Landscape

Running Landscape

Running Landscape

5.97km in 37m 32s (which is <drumroll /> 6.06 minutes per km) ± whatever imprecision there is with free-Strave-on-iPhone. That's an improvement from week 3 back in May. It's almost as if I'm starting to enjoy it.

And, it's probably worth all the effort just for the running views. There's quite a collection of them!


Why did't you walk down and up the garden for 31m at the end to make it 6k? Finn

The Barn at Hardcourt


Path to the barn

If you1 have money (£5.45) and either young children or older relatives then the place to be on a sunny Autumn Sunday was Hardcourt Arboretum (part of Oxford Botanic).

The barn

I was promised a Gnome workshop. I was disappointed until I realised there was one accompanying me.

  1. Bonus points if, despite the COVID signs, you also don't know how far 2 metres is. 

The doors

Measure once cut twice

Ewok, falling asleep on the sofa, as Granddad explains for the eleventyeth time how to "Measure once, cut twice".

Or was it "Measure twice, cut once"?

Whatever it was, it worked pretty finely.


Sky space field

Some thinking space for mental health day.

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