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Images from the land of the slightly upset oak tree

New Gate. New Road

New gate

New road

Ewok inspecting the new gate and the (maybe) temporary access road for the lock keepers.

Saturday with the bike

Bike servicing

Service, with a view.


Cone of shame

Grazed paw. Infection. Cone of shame. All in a days week for Yogi bear.

St Patrick's Day

St Patrick's Glass Failures

Glass selection failure × 3.

Know your place

Pedestrians. Know your place

Pedestrian infrastructure FTW‽‽‽

Spring Evenings



An early evening walk. Ewok was gently persuaded to climb down the rocks to the beach. He wasn't too keen, but loved the sand when he eventually made it.

Window Sill

Strand Street Saturday Moments

The lemon geranium is pondering whether to recover from being left alone with the curtains closed.

Post run views

Post run - muddy shoes

Muddy run == muddy shoes == take them off before entering house

Post run - muddy bath

Muddy run == my turn to clean the bathroom

Next stop Padstow

Next stop Padstow

Dinner Extras


Sunday lunch treat at the Harbour Inn means an extra treat for the boys.


Field of daffodils

Little Petherick loop is turning into my favourite run. Podcast until somewhere around 6k and then beats to get me home. Half way round I panted past a field of Daffodils. Yellow buds as far as you could see.

Where do you get your coffee

Padstow inner harbour

Stein's asked "Where did you get your coffee while we were closed in January?"

Cherry Trees. And now my loyalties are split.

Watching the surfers

Watching the surf

Watching the surf

Rarely is the surf surfable in Hawker's Cove. Today was rarely.

New career

Pig farmer

Pig farming.

Blocked Sink

Strand Street Saturday Moments

Strand Street Saturday Moments

Strand Street Saturday Moments

Strand Street Saturday Moments

A Saturday morning spent removing gunk from the sink waste. I kinda hoped we'd be starting with the renovations by now. Next year?


When it rains the moss overflows

When it rains a lot, the drain overflows and floods moss from the pub roof into the courtyard.

Post-lunch stretch

Hawker's Cove

A post-(bistro)-lunch required a short stroll to walk off the loveliness. I don't think that F was impressed that it turned into an 11k loop. The dogs are now sleeping though!

Something to celebrate?



Working from the office

Working from the office

What's this? A change from working in the office? Yup. Another day in big London towne.



Very exciting. F can't quite believe it. All to be revealed, maybe.

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