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Images from the land of the slightly upset oak tree

Wet Miserable Saturday



Frosty Stare


I was late back from work and the boys were wondering about dinner. Hence the stares.

Frosty Post

Frosty Post

Waiting at the gate



F is the Covid isolation jigsaw-champ.

Isolation Party


The boy's (re-christened Bubba-and-squeak for the duration) aren't too impressed at the furniture rearrangements necessary for the great isolation jigsaw party.

Isolation Project

The music (Joy Division‽) is ready, yes only whole albums and selected at random. No skips allowed.

Wine and cheese

Obviously it would be completely wrong to have a party in such circumstances, which is why this isn't a party. It's wine and cheese.


Bubble and Squeak

Dear Interwebz, anyone know the right proportion of red cabbage to squeak? Looks like we might be heading for 10:1.

Oh Deer

Covid Christmas

A Merry Covid Christmas

Covid Christmas

Covid Christmas

Covid Christmas

Covid Christmas

Yes, a triple jabbed (2 ⨉ AstraZeneca + a Pfizer Booster), Covid locked down Christmas. Déjà vu.

Restrictions in Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland. Yet not in England.

Boris Christmas

"It’s the lies that make you want to kill yourself…”

The Dispossessed, Ursula K. Le Guin

Coast Walk

Coast walk

Coast walk

Coast walk

Proper Walk

A coast walk, and a return to the proper walks.

Blenheim Lights


An unexpected treat. Thanks H!

Post Birthday Dinner Peramble





In the bleak mid-winter.

Escape to the fields


Escaping to give Positive H some space to isolate.




Happy Birthday Little F

Early Tree


If any more evidence were needed that this has been a topsey-turvey year; the tree went up before F's birthday.

Mind my toe


That looks perfectly normal to me.

Back in the office

View from the desk

Today I was in a meeting with five other people. 3 were working from home. 3 were in 3 different offices. That's the first time we've had more than 1 person calling in from the office. Given all the other news today, it'll also likely be the last for a while…

Where is everybody?

Where did everyone go?

Ewok wanted to know where everybody had gone. Back to London in their Range Rovers thought Yogi.

Anniversary Walk


Every December we try and get away for a couple of days. This year was celebrating twenty-four with Lovely Fay.


Padstow Lights

Padstow Christmas Lights

Pretty lights.

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