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Images from the land of the slightly upset oak tree

End of 6k

Way home

6.03km and 3 PRs but brov is still waaaaay ahead of me (and F is still waaaaaaaaaaaaay out of sight).

Does this look comfy?

My pillow

Answers on a post card please.

Footpath, what footpath

Footpath, what footpath

This is the start of footpath 390/8/10 (as designated on the definitive map for Oxfordshire). If you look closely you can see where it stops.

Lazy Sunday

Lazy Sunday

Perfect lazy Sunday. Watching squirrels chasing the rabbits, and checking where they bury the nuts. Our rabbits are very clever, not many can bury nuts whilst being chased by a squirrel.

Ottolenghi's Ragù

Ottolenghi's Ragù. A success :)

First recipe from Ottolenghi. A success. This more veg less meat is going to be fun. Much fun. And flavour. Much flavour.

A Great recommendation from Kevin. :bow:

Imitation 2


Now he's imitating Ewok!

Big Paws Yogi

Big paws Yogi

Wow, big paws Yogi!

"Yes, but I saved you a sock".



Porridge Face

Don't call me porridge face

Don't call me Porridge Face!




I'm not 100% sure how to take this one, but I'm going to go with "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery".

(But, who is imitating who‽)

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