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A grey day view

Grey Monday

After a week of mornings each blessed with a lovely sunrise today was grey. There's beauty in that there gloom.

Watching the Game

Watching the game

September sun. Perfect conditions for watching youth football. Enjoy it now before spectating in the wind, rain and sleet that we'll have to endure before Lockdown II.

3-0 up. 4-3 down. 4-4 final score. The right result. Bonus: a stonking left footed curving shot from outside the area, into the top corner of the net from F. Well played all.

Freecycling Bar Stools

Three ikea bar stools

Three Ikea bar stools have been with us since flat pack heaven. The last 10 years they've been in the shed, but now they have a new freecycled home. Nice one F.

A Walk at Christmas Common

Somewhere near Christmas Common

The woods

A catch up, lunch and a walk at Christmas Common, with the lovely H&D.

I have a feeling this is a prelude to something we've seen before. Wow, that was six months ago.


Path home

Sky on the evening walk.

Sunset panoramic

Worth a panorama. It's been a while.

Castle Meadows Evening Stroll

Castle Meadows Evening

Castle Meadows Evening

A lovely evening stroll with F, Ewok and Yogi around the Castle Meadows. The whole world felt like it was getting ready for bed.

For some reason I had Halide set to computational photography depth mode, so the DoF effect is very overdone!

Pod at dusk

Pod at dusk

Online Tutor

Tutor chat remote

F's college transition session was with a tutor via a video call. Not quite the on-campus experience he was hoping for.

Team Tea Mug

Team tea mug

Cooking Audience

Cooking with an audience

Activities for Not-Quite-Lockdown. Cooking with an audience. 10/10 mate, 10/10.

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