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Party Suit


Party bound, Mr Wick style.

Shoe repairs

Shoe repairs

Turns out the glue works. Or at least it works for sticking soles back on. Well, 3 times out of 4. The Vibram FFs were just that bit too tricky for me.

Stockholm, again


Stockholm, again.

Crazy walker

The crazy walker

Fay told me that this look was festival style boy scout. She then went on to comment that I'd probably be arrested. It wasn't my fault that they shrank in the wash.

Put in

Putting in at Benson Weir

Put in at Benson Weir for a 'between-Christmas-and-New-Year' paddle to the Boat House and back. 10mins there, and an hour plus to get back. Eddy hopping for the win.

Kids at the dinner table

Dinner table

If only there was some way to keep the kids off their phones at the dinner table...

A bit gray

It's a bit gray today

One of those days where it's not raining, just that the water condenses onto you straight out of the cloud.

Mud walkers

The walk of the mud jumpers

A nice walk up on the clumps we thought. The walk was nice, just a tad muddy. A portable jet wash would have been handy!

Little F-2

F #1

F #2

Lovely A and Lovely F came to visit. Lovely A was hiding so here's a couple of F.

Christmas Smiles

H with pressies

Christmas Lego Set

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