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Climbing in the gorge

Climbing the gorge - Bristol

Climbing the gorge - Bristol

The boys treated me to an afternoon climbing Sea Walls in the Avon Gorge. Mega! Thanks lads 🤩

Communication Check


Is this thing on?

Too soon?

Christmas lights still up in September

The lights are still up. Too soon for Christmas?

Torino Green

Torino Green at So long summer, Littlebury

Torino Green at So Long Summer, Littlebury.


Was Helch. Was give peas a chance.

Give Peas a Chance

Cleaned cracks

Cleaned slabs

I think I prefer them overgrown and messy. But A has a thing about order in the garden.



September in the garden. Could this be a thing?

Bench with a view

M40 bench

A lovely spot to sit and reflect… on the M40 south bound.

New Digs

New digs

New Loughborough digs.

New digs


New wallpaper too‽‽‽

Tractor turned

Running views

Bob's field stayed very unhappy. So unhappy that nothing grew, and the same region has now been deep ploughed. My pet theory is an accidental weed killer overdose. WDYT?

Running Views

Running views

Running views

New fav 5k route?



H @ Paddington Basin

Politics on the edge




Politics on the edge

In town with the boys for box park food, second half pub football, and an evening with Rory Stewart (plus David Dimbleby, and a semi-incoherent mediation lawyer from Bristol).

Bunkfest band of hope


Padstow Crabber

Padstow Crabber

Padstow Crab

S won on size. I won on quantity.

Jaws II

The best bit about crabbing is the excuse to sit at the end of the harbour wall and watch the world float by. The worst bit is everyone else looking your way and wondering when some kids will rock up.

Working from the shed

Working from the shed between showers

In between the showers I was working in the courtyard. Lovely. During them, I was relegated to the shed. Will be lovely. One day.

Padstow Selfie


Cornwall 2023

Cornwall 2023

Someone labelled the beach so you'd know where you were, and when you where there. Approximately.

Hawker's Cove

Hawker's was looking good too.

Padstow Harbour

Padstow Harbour

Padstow Fishing Boats

Padstow Harbour @ night

PW11 Lisa Marie and PW7 Rachel May settled in for the night.

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