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Dogs from above

Dogs from above

Dogs from above

Yogi and Ewok. From above. A new perspective.

Dog walking is exercise

Dog walking is exercise

Are we walking the dog, or is the dog walking us?

iPhone Recycling

Packaging from my first iPhone

The packaging for our first iPhone (the Cisco-Linsys one, not the Apple one). Found in the loft, now in with the cardboard recycling.

Lockdown Gym

Outdoor lock down gym

H's DIY lockdown outdoor gym. Membership rates are a bargain.

Daffodil Hill

Daffodil Hill

Local dog walks now start and end at Daffodil Hill. Named because it's a hill with Daffodils. Well, a bump may be more accurate. You know, kind of a like a mole-hill type hill. (But with Daffs.)

Sign Stories

Behind every sign, a painful experience

Behind every sign is a story.


Favourite treescape

Favourite treescape

Favourite treescapes. One has sequoias. Yes, the sequoias are tall.


Stepping through the doorway

Stepping through the doorway.



Lockdown Life

Work from home coffee

Lockdown means coffee

Looks a bit risky

Games of Risk

The badger

A chance to see if I can grow hair like a badger

Badger protector (or a hat)

And hats for video conference calls to hide my badger head.

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