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Ewok Walks

Ewok sits




London Break

Day out in London

Shorter than planned due to the Big C.

Brunch at the Cart Shed Cafe

Wildflower at the Cartshed

Great brunch sat nearly in a cool wild flower meadow.

Dinner for Two


The Cosy Places


Ewok, the master of finding the cosy places.


Heading to boardmasters

Dad joking about isolating before the Boardmasters Festival hits him hard when Covid comes home.

It was worth it says F, just don't say that to H.

Well, I guess it took us seventeen months (almost as long as the gap since the last update of c r o s s o a k), although one of us was suspiciously ill after a week in Seattle in January so maybe that was it too.

More Cricket

Day at the cricket

Cricket at Lords was so much fun that we went again.

Day at the cricket

With F, F & H.

Day at the cricket

Plus: we upgraded the walk from Paddington by taking the scenic canal-side option.

Cricket at Lords

Lord's Cricket Ground

A was playing in The Hundreds. Lovely day, until the rain. But that just stopped the men's game ;-)

Running Views

Running views

Garden in July

Down the garden

New tap

New tap

5 mins to change the tap. 20 mins to find the spare in the shed. 2 hours tidying the shed out of sheer frustration from not being able to find the spare tap straight away.

Spot the buzz

Spot the buzzy helicopter

Low and loud training hover over the house (at least we hope it was training). Made a bit of a challenge for the noise cancellation on the conference call.



H. Caught part way through a post-gym 530 calorie fuel stop.

I'm currently working on the post-gin fuel stop.

Path Home

Path home

Wet June Garden Morning

Wet June Garden Morning

It's warm and damp, very damp, this year. Everything is growing a bit mad at the moment. It also means I can combine breakfast outside with a morning shower.

Sedum Pod Roof

Sedum Roof

The pod roof is looking happy.

Evening Run

Evening running views

Evening running views

Evening running views

Evening run-walk-run. Down river over the bridge, back along the other side, over the weir and home.



Flower Shopping

Green & Gorgeous

Sweet peas

A bike ride down to Green and Gorgeous for pyo Sweet Peas. We took it slow, so no sweaty peas.

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