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Gateway to Castle Meadows

Castle Meadows

The gateway to the castle at Castle Meadows.

Two new kids in the house

New kids are near the house

Every year the pigeons come back to the Yew tree to nest. We're wondering if it is the same pigeons...

This year two little ones. And yes, that nest is a precarious as it looks.

and the clouds departed…

And the clouds departed

…just as the working day was ending. Run (regressed two weeks!) then a dog walk with Finn (before he beat me, twice, at CoD).

First Day

First day

Ready for the first day. What you don't see is the playlist. But you might have guessed from the lockdown project. Or maybe not.

National Meadows Day

National Meadows Day

Here's a late entry for National Meadows Day (which was on Saturday): a dusky damp view of the front garden meadow.

It's come on a long way since the spring.

Dog walk sky

Dog walk sky

Go away…

Go away, I'm reading how to make coffee

…I'm reading How to Make Coffee. You'd have thought that by now I'd have figured that out.

Half Selfie [1]


A long time ago we met a couple (in Matt's in the Market) who did this strange thing of taking a picture of themselves while holding the camera at arm's length facing the wrong way. We thought them most odd. How times change.


  • [1] Half ∵ for a full selfie both of us would have needed to take the picture.
  • [2] Note in this picture, Fay's amazing impression of small eyes Aiddy.

Morning Coffee Work

Last amzn wfh coffee

End of something, before the start of something else. One more benefit of working from the garden during a lockdown [1] is that a catch-up coffee has two views, one this end, one that end.


[1] -ish

Leaving pressie

Leaving Pressie

For some reason, the team thought a bike related theme was appropriate... I really must have been a bit of a bike bore. Maybe it was all the T-shirts ;)

Merci folks.

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