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Snow! 2021 style

Snow capped jumps

It snowed. Just a tiny bit. But it was snow. The last time we had decent snow here was December 2010.

Dogs on Seats

Ewok's Chair

Ewok's new favourite chair.

Sofa surfing

The perfect place to wait for everyone else to get home.

The Clumps in the Distance

The Clumps in the Distance

A glimpse of The Clumps from the bridleway in Dorchester. Taken on yesterday's ride just before I remembered the river was flooded.

Riding home from Oxford

Riding home from Oxford, cross country

Riding home from Oxford, cross country

Riding home from Oxford, cross country

Riding home from Oxford, cross country

Riding home from Oxford, cross country

Up early doors for an MRI with the lovely folks at the Nuffield and then a ride home, cross-country style. It would have been more cross-country, but I forgot that the river was flooded at Dorchester. F said that was no excuse and I should have made it into a triathlon. He's probably right.

It's been a while since I came this way and 9 months of repeating lock-downs and stay-at-home government messaging mean that my cycling legs and cross-country arms aren't what they were. Tired now.

new door new wall

Building doors

New year, new wall and a new door. Well, almost, still some bits to finish.

You might say this is part 3 in the shed project. Part one was the roof and part two (solar!) powered lighting and USB charging. Progress.

The first walk of 21

The dog walker

Starting as we mean to go on.

2020 Fades to Mist

Fading into the fog

Here's hoping 2021 is kinder than 2020.

Ice Tray

Through the ice

The ice tray

Big sky on the way home

Big sky walking home

Relecting Meadows

Thames Reflecting

Castle Meadows reflected in the flood waters.



What was Tony Lane is again damp this year.

Painting Cows

When it was dry the cows munched contentedly there. If you look closely you can see Fay sketching them whilst chatting to M-A the farmer.

Student Fridge

Student Fridge

A shelf for beer. A shelf for not-beer.




Not sure who the little elf-like character is.

Mud Run

Wittenham Clumps

F & F decided to walk Ewok & Yogi at Little Wittenham. I thought it would be nice to run home. I didn't really budget on the fact that the rest of South Oxfordshire has been walking at the Clumps so the route home was a mud bath.

Two bikes

Two bikes, locked up halfway home. I was curious about the story behind them.

Post-run feet

But my toes were cold so I thought better of waiting around for someone to come back to them so I could ask. Next time I should probably wear proper trainers and not my VFFs.

Either that or knit myself some toe socks.

Ewok Reads Positive News

Ewok reads Positive News

More Water

Wet Wallingford

Wet Wallingford

Wet Wallingford

Yup. Still the water rises. So more water pix.

Lake Gerald

Wet Wallingford

In the 2014 flood little F christened the puddle that emerged half way across the field 'Lake Gerald'. No, we don't know why Gerald either. It looks like it might be on the way back.



The water. It's back

Water is back

It's a bit wet. And the river has noticed. Latest recorded level 4.85m at 9:45am Sunday 27 December 2020.

Cut short our dog walk yesterday to grab the canoe and help a couple of stranded boaters. And their dogs. That's what comes from reading Rutger Bregman in the hot tub in the morning.

Family Chaos Christmas Zoom Quiz

Zoned out on a Zoom Call

"Life is too short" said Yogi as the Christmas Family Zoom Quiz descended further into chaos.

"Wait until the arguments over the count start" replied Ewok "I bet it's only a matter of hours before we start hearing claims that Chavez stole it".

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