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Carnage in Colour

Hedgerow thinned

The hedgerow thinned. Looks different in colour.

Thames Water

Water Main

In the space where there was once a hedgerow there is a sign for a water main.

Ewok and Yogi

Yogi & Ewok


Cleared hedgerow. No wildlife highway here.

There was a hedgerow here. It was a highway for wildlife. It's gone. Tidy, but gone.

Relevant Linescapes: Remapping and Reconnecting Britain's Fragmented Wildlife by Hugh Warwick.

Here's how the hedge was before.




Beautiful rainbows.

Thames Path Spill

Thames washing the Thames path

The Thames spilling onto the Thames Path to say hello. Hello!



Can you find it?

Commuter Coffee

First commuter coffee since March (at Cholsey Coffee Stop).

I've been missing my commuter coffee from Lesley at Cholsey station, but she's now at Wallingford Station1 each weekday. W00t! So this morning I extended my morning commute from a walk halfway down the garden to a ride to Wallingford and back. lovely.

  1. Wait, what‽ Wallingford has a station‽ 



Yes, it's been a tad damp.

Running skyscapes

Running skyscapes

Running skyscapes

A fitting way to celebrate finishing Born to Run (thanks Sean!), my first 30 minute run. Evs.

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