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Mist in the Valley

Mist in the valley

Good morning.


Yew tree post-haircut

The yew trip had a trim.



Ewok and Yogi



May in the Garden

May in the garden

May in the garden

May in the garden

W00t! is time for May in the Garden.

Previous May in the Garden's:

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Wallingford v. Charlbury

Wallingford vs. Charlbury. A nice venue for spectators, even though the pitch looked like something out of a crazy-golf course.

The Gap in the Path


Views on dog walks. The gap in the hedgerow.



Walking back from the Red Lion I was reassured to see many signs pointing the way to new housing developments.

Signs should not be added piecemeal to a signpost as this obstructs lines of sight, can detract from road safety and damage the environment of our towns, villages and countryside. Our policies include careful consideration of these issues to limit the impact of 'signs clutter'.

(Oxfordshire County Council, 2021)

Inspired by Brita

Inspired by Brita

The garden over a morning cuppa. Inspired by Brita.

Avoiding the football

Long walk to the pub

Friends round to watch the Champion's League final so we escaped for a walk with the dogs and, suprise! We managed a drink at the Red Lion. It's been a while…

New eatery in town


There's a new eatery in town. We tried it out yesterday evening before the football. It was great, the chef is a m a z i n g.

Mental Health Awareness Month

A walk with Ewok

Getting outside for some headspace with Ewok. Or Gummy-Bear as we lovingly call him at the moment.

Better than the botanic?

Field Edges

You might think so. But I couldn't possibly comment.

Oxford Botanic (Botanic III; the return)

Botanic Gardens

Botanic Gardens

Botanic Gardens

Botanic Gardens

We were here last September.

Botanic Gardens

Just like 2018, you do need at least one in colour!

End of Day

End of day

Castle Meadows

Castle Meadows

Castle Meadows

Ewok and the Phone Line

Ewok and a phone line

I can just squeeze under this phone line. Or is it a clothes line?

Small Door?

Small door?

Or tall people?

Wild Flower Cliff Edge

Cliff Flowers

Last Day at Harlyn

Path to the beach


The end of a wonderful week at Harlyn. Had to go in even though the waves were meh. A farewell float.

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