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Photographing Photography

Photographing photography

Yes, this one is a bit meta. But, there was a warning.

The Yogi Stare

The Yogi Stare

Perfected over years. This is the Yogi stare. It's effective.

River Bank Picnic

Picnic spot

A bit more than a year later we headed up river for a stretch and a picnic. Tranquil. We should do this more often.

Wood Store

Wood store

The boys helped D&S stock up ahead of the nights drawing in.



A new spot to work from

New spot to work

This thing appears to be going on a bit longer than most folks expected. So some commute $€¥£ diverted into a pod space place in the garden.

Impatient Ewok

Ewok moved in before the plaster was dry

The plaster was only just dry, but Ewok had moved in with his chair.

First Day

First Day

First day

Just back from a first (orientation) day. Time for a few days off to recover!

Enough Already

Enough of lock down

Yes. We've had enough.

Good Morning

Good Morning

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