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Honiton Loop 1


A little running loop, except for the steep bits 😉


Few bikes at Paddington

There are two platform-side bike racks at Paddington Station. These are the racks for annual commuters. Or at least they used to be. There's a lot more spaces free than before the pandemic 🤔

Opps. No shower

Essential Maintenance

The universe, with its sense of humour, comes at you fast.

I should have known that gloating about being the only one would have its downside.



Morning Run

Castle Gardens, Wallingford


A little loop with a scramble up the old castle mound for the view.

Almost that loop again

The Ridgeway

I really do enjoy this loop. Except this was slightly different because last weekend the bridleway along the river was flooded and I decided I liked the idea of dry feet for a change.

Woodhouse Farm

Downhill home


Very muddy. Feet didn't stay dry, but did stay warm. Enough.

Homethings- probably not a fair first test ;)

Probably far from a fair test of Homethings washing up liquid. But hey, why not? It did a pretty good job too...

Post Run Feet

Chilly feet this morning

Cold feet. Not sure why.


Shower First Aid

Most recently "showers" has meant being outside and getting soaked. Today was inside and trying to avoid getting soaked. Thank you Screw Fix (& sorry Colliers)

Chilled or relaxed or both


Just Me


For the first half of January I thought I was always late to the office because the locker room was so busy. Last week I realised it was all the new year resolutions. Because last week is when they stopped. And now there's always space on a bench.

Screw Fix

Screwfix has bike parking

Screw Fix has bike racks!

Blue Gate

The blue gate

Opps. It's flooded again.

H Half

H half marathon

H half marathon

A mini-trip: Loughborough and Nottingham to watch H in his first half marathon and raising funds for Movember 👍👍👍. Great fun!

The gap

Hawker’s Cove

Looking across to the gap from Hawker's Cove. Imagine this moving while listening to Coldplay.

Padstow, high tide at the outer harbour

The outer harbour

The end of a long, downer of a week. Dragged myself out for the last of the daylight. Result.

A box

The container

A box for stuff. Great so long as you haven't watched A Boat Story.

Running to Hawker's

Heading to Hawker’s

The top of the hill, now heading down.

No one watching the ferry

Nearly back to town, with noone watching the ferry.

Combe Gibbet Hike

Combe Gibbet

A gentle 13k loop with the gents.

Padstow Reflecting

Padstow Harbour

Editors note: does this make your eyes go funny too? The image is flipped so it's upside down, which makes your brain think that you're looking up to the boats, and that doesn't make sense because for that to be up you'd need to be under water.



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