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Perfect Rest

Castle Inn. Beer, food, bed

Lots of pillows

After a little stroll on North Dartmoor, the Castle Inn was the perfect place for a quick shower, beer, food and bed. Bed with lots of pillows. Perfect.

Where is my kayak?

Where's my kayak?

Reboot Tickets

Self service tickets at GWR Exeter means installing Windows

A tad tricky to collect tickets at Exeter St Davids.

The white hut in December in Colour

For those with more than a back & white TV license (you do need a TV license to peruse the interwebz don't you?), here's some White Hut (and around) in colour.

View from a bath

In which we take a bath.

Tame head

Race the clouds and rain up the cliff for the sunrise.

The old YMCA hut has had a makeover

And discover someone stole our idea to renovate the old YMCA hut along the coast (stole and executed no less). One day I'll actually put one of my GoodIdeas™ into practice when I think of it rather than seeing someone else doing it years later, and it'll be a fantastic flop...

The white hut in December

We lost the view

It's that time of the year. The time when Fay and I escape to the White Hut for a quiet weekend. This year started foggy. We lost the view, with only the ghost bus at night to change the scene.

Sea Sky Scape

Ewok and Yogi

But it got stormy. Which blew the view.

Don't follow GPS





Perfect for painting.

Water meadows

Water Meadows

After the flooding the water meadows were a little damp.

End of the lane

End of the lane

Photographing familiar things. This is the end of the lane. I pass here every day. Except for on duvet days.

Plenty more fish

Plenty more fish

This piece of art was made for the people of Kingsand-Cawsand by five young Austrian volunteers who helped to remove about one tonne (130 sacks) of marine litter from the beaches of the Rame Peninsula in September 2014.


Reflecting sunset fire

The sun was setting on the other side of the building, but I got a sneaky glint nonetheless.

The Old Counting House Card

The old counting house card

The Old Counting House. Best Christmas Card of the year. Nuff said.

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