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The Book







Getting ready for a reading fest.


Slow Productivity, Cal Newport

I have this "waiting for trains" thing down. Book. Coffee. Vegan Carrot Cake from Mokoko Bath. Sorted.

But first coffee

Coffee first then the world. Jenny Graham

One down from 積ん読. A great read by Jenny Graham on her world record round the world ride: Coffee First, Then the world.

Seen from the door of the tent at Pencelli.

Bedside Books

Book beside bed

A pile of books beside the bed.

Half pint shelves


A book to read


A book recommendation from my third-joint-second favourite book shop. Killing Thatcher: The IRA, the Manhunt and the Long War on the Crown by Rory Carroll. Devoured.

Book Shelf

Book shelf

Sorted. Although some of those are unread.

Oh yes!

Shakespeare and Company

積ん読 ++++

Spot Ewok


Books on a table

Books on a table

Holiday birthday books. Thanks mum!

The 積ん読 Bench

Book bench

The boys were round for music (Roy Harper), chat, beer & snacks. Obviously I had to arrange the 積ん読 along the bench, in a not so subtle attempt to impress.

Reading Spot

reading spot

A lovely reading spot to tackle my 積ん読.


What time is it

Currently Reading

Trick Mirror

Jia Tolentino's Trick Mirror

Book stack, rotated

Book stack rotated

Not the normal stack rank for this time of year. (Or at least not normal for BigCorp that are yet to abandon the practice.)

Part of the current 積ん読. I'm beginning to have doubts about the osmosis theory of knowledge transfer. I might have to read these...

Reading spot

Favourite reading spot

F in a favourite spot working through his 積ん読.

Currently Reading

Currently reading

Currently reading: Points of Origin, 刁斗 (Diao Dou)

Holiday 積ん読

Holiday reading

More 積ん読 [tsùńdókú]

積ん読 [tsùńdókú] a pile of unread books has a place on a shelf above the stairs.

積ん読 [tsùńdókú] a pile of unread books has a place on a shelf above the stairs.

Previous 積ん読 are also available.



積ん読 [tsùńdókú] a pile of unread books, or "the act of leaving a book unread after buying it, typically piled up together with other such unread books" en.wiktionary.org .