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While waiting for coffee


One benefit of coffee to-go from Cherry Trees is the while-you-wait view.

Love, coffee

Love coffee

A two coffee day. Treat! My excuse was the hike was exhausting.

A two coffee day

Two coffee day

Two coffee day

Today was a two coffee day. Recently many days have been like this. I'm blaming a COVID-restrictions induced brain-fog.

Or maybe just a love of coffee.

Commuter Coffee

First commuter coffee since March (at Cholsey Coffee Stop).

I've been missing my commuter coffee from Lesley at Cholsey station, but she's now at Wallingford Station1 each weekday. W00t! So this morning I extended my morning commute from a walk halfway down the garden to a ride to Wallingford and back. lovely.

  1. Wait, what‽ Wallingford has a station‽ 

This month's coffee

This month's coffee

This month's selected coffee from horsebox. It's nice!

Go away…

Go away, I'm reading how to make coffee

…I'm reading How to Make Coffee. You'd have thought that by now I'd have figured that out.

Horsebox Coffee

Horsebox Coffee

Coffee by post. First delivery from Horsebox. Quiet lovely, but I need to tweak the grinder and shot weight I think.

Lockdown Life

Work from home coffee

Lockdown means coffee

Looks a bit risky

Games of Risk

The badger

A chance to see if I can grow hair like a badger

Badger protector (or a hat)

And hats for video conference calls to hide my badger head.

Seattle in January


South Lake Union Cranes, Seattle

This was Feathered Friends

Space Needle from Day 1

Public Space

"The 20th Century was about getting around. The 21st Century will be about staying in a place worth staying in."

James Howard Kunstler

Globes, South Lake Union, Seattle

Coffee. Anchorhead. Seattle

Ladro coffee, Seattle

With coffee. Of course.

Morning Coffee

Morning coffee loveliness

Short story on a coffee cup...




We did not have no fancy coffee at school when I were a lad

We didn't have no fancy coffee at school when I were a lad

Advice from Coffeeworks

Advice from Coffeeworks

Morning Coffee

Morning. Coffee.

A year ago I had a similar drink in similar circumstances.

Kaffeologie S Filter

Kaffeologie S Filter

Kaffeologie S Filter

Kaffeologie S Filter for an AeroPress. Coffee. Through a filter.


Dorset coffee company. Can't wait.

Katey and Martin's excellent suggestion to head for the Wimbourne Food Festival was rewarded with some lovely grub and... coffee!