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Amazon Delivers


90 mins after the apology email that the delivery would be a day late, up pulls a branded van. It sits there for a few minutes and then drives off. I'm wondering which person or system realised that the package wasn't in the van and when, oh, and what the COE will read like. busmansholiday.

The road home

Strand street

Brick Tent Camping


I don't know who coined the phrase brick tent camping but it's perfectly apt. The project has a single pan induction hob which is perfect for brunch. There's a microwave, kettle and, most importantly a toaster. The plumbing works, just. And there's leccy too (although whether we'll be able to afford any in a month is anyone's guess). A fridge arrives tomorrow, just in time for it to be cold enough not to need a fridge. There's also a futon to sit/sleep on and a possibility of a bed arriving on Tuesday.

Wet Walk

Wet dog shelter

After a wet walk, taking shelter.

Drying Ewok

After the post-wet walk dry, getting settled.

Kitchen Window View

View from the kitchen window

Tommy's Bench

Tommy's Bench

Tommy's Bench

Tommy's Bench

Tommy Morrissey, 1915 - 1996.

Just tell me Old Shipmates

I'm taking a trip mates

and I'll see you someday

in Fiddlers Green


Futon arrived

A futon arrived for the project. It was hanging out in the shed, but we thought quarter-past twelve in the morning was a little late to be figuring it out. Fortunately the airbed survived one more night (unlike our first attempt camping out at the project, which I'm not sure I'll ever be forgiven for). It's all quite cosy really…

Taking a break

Taking a break

...from cleaning and clearing with a cuppa down on the harbour wall.

We bought a house

A house

We bought a house.


It has a small back door.


It has a shed-like thing.


And a pot plant for the garden to complement the view of the pub next door.


And a very short walk to the harbour.

Stay tuned for details of how we didn't really but a house, it's more of a project, or a place to look after.

Small Door?

Small door?

Or tall people?

Strand Street

Strand Street

Maybe. Crossed fingers. And yes, it would be a project.

Through the window

Through the window