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Couch to 5.97km

Running Landscape

Running Landscape

Running Landscape

5.97km in 37m 32s (which is <drumroll /> 6.06 minutes per km) ± whatever imprecision there is with free-Strave-on-iPhone. That's an improvement from week 3 back in May. It's almost as if I'm starting to enjoy it.

And, it's probably worth all the effort just for the running views. There's quite a collection of them!


Why did't you walk down and up the garden for 31m at the end to make it 6k? Finn

Running skyscapes

Running skyscapes

Running skyscapes

A fitting way to celebrate finishing Born to Run (thanks Sean!), my first 30 minute run. Evs.

5k with F

Running the loop

Third 5k ever. That's ever ever, and the second with F. This time he'd recovered from whatever football-related injury he was carrying, upped the pace by an extra 1m30s per km, and left me back in the metaphorical dust.

I say that it was an injury, but it might have been slow-dad-sympathy.

Running Views

There's a footpath there somewhere

A post appeared next to the footpath

Running views. The fields are ploughed, so the footpath is rough. In places some kind of inspection cylinders have appeared.

Running Sky

Running Skies

I went for a run. It was still hot. It wasn't a good idea.

The sky was nice though.

Running Landscapes

Running landscape

Running landscape

Running Sunsets

Running sunsets

A bonus from learning to run (couch to 5k, slowly) is the sunsets.

A lesson from iPhone-in-your-pocket photography, low light things look good, initially, but quickly get over-processed when you view on a big screen.

Couch to 5K

Running path

Following the NHS Couch-to-5 app. On week 3. Gave up keeping up with Rosemary Conley's keep fit video. Let's see how the running goes...

Evening run

Evening run view

Yesterday's evening run 1 from Brightwell. Stopped about here when Elliot Adamson whispered in my ears:

"Do you feel overwhelmed and confused by the global predicament? You are on the right track."

Nicely done Mr. Adamson. Nicely done.

  1. Currently a run is defined as a series of short periods running interspearsed by similar periods walking. Sounds good though.