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Images from the land of the slightly upset oak tree

Deck Chair


A deck chair from the RMS Titanic of the White Star Line. Or nicked from Pret?

That's a lot of sockets


"That's a lot of sockets" said Paul, a long log time ago. He was right. By my count that's four too many.


A long log time ago is a longer period of time than a long long time ago because it's time on a log-scale.

Floating in the Pod

Floating shelves

The floating book shelves in the pod work and Gran's picture looks even better here.






First ride of April. With sun and snow! Strava reckons it was 27.9km with 272m of elevation gain. But then Strava also claims a top speed of 75.2kmh so YMMV (or in this case YKMMV).

Route: Braziers Common Loop




F has been busy. A new border to hide the edge of the steps. Smart. My side of the garden is going to look good this year!

How I Feel


Ewok is doing impressions now. He calls this one "How you feel". I think you is me not you. He's getting quite good.

Ping pong tournament

After the tournament

Wow. The gradual easing or lockdown and our first visitors. Cue ping pong tournament. You'll be none too surprised to read that I lost. Again.

Lost, again.

Lost. Again.

Playing chess with H. Lost again. 4:1 down in the series. I was winning too, until I wasn't.

Yogi looking beautiful

Yogi Bear

No one could have believed, in the closing minutes of the third month of 2021, that minds immeasurably superior to ours were plotting against us.

WFG evolved

Working from the garden

Working from the garden

A year on, and working from the garden has evolved.

Garden early spring

Garden early spring

Early spring in the garden. Stuff peaking through, saying hello to the new year.

Tear drop field

Tear drop in the field

After the flood the field cried.

Come rain or shine

Rain and shine

Rain and shine

Come rain or shine, Ewok's range of favourite places are always just right.



I can think of worse ways to ease into a relaxing weekend. Like most of the past 52 weekends we're planning not a lot. I might stay here for a while...

Shoes Box

Shoes of lockdown

After a year of on-and-off lockdowns, why do we have sooooo many shoes?

End of Day

Day End

COVID home testing

COVID testing

COVID testing

First attempt at COVID home-testing ended up with a void result. Turns out that there's insufficient buffer fluid in the sachets to overcome the surface tension on the inside of the extraction tube. When you invert the extraction tube to get drops of fluid onto the test strip the fluid sticks to the inside of the tube and never makes it to the end.

From a box of three tests we got one success. I guess penny-wise and pound-foolish means you can count a larger world-beating amount for the number of test kits supplied, even if those kits don't work.

You might think that the requirement to report results would let someone wise up to all the void results. But the covide.gov.uk reporting site is a PITA. You have to give it an occupation even though you've already said it's for a student. You have to say what country you're in even though you've already provided a postcode. And the final nail in the coffin? You have to prove that you're not a robot by identifying objects in pictures that are meaningless in British-English. Here fire hydrants are underground so good luck identifying with those bollard things while a crosswalk is about as easy to spot as a cross oak. The UKs GDS even published Design Principles for all this:

We’re designing for the whole country, not just the ones who are used to using the web. The people who most need our services are often the people who find them hardest to use.

Private Eye 1543

Thirty-Seven Billion well spent.

Sorry, I did promise a less snarky C r o s s o a k. It might be a while.

Ipsden Woods

Ipsden Woods

Ipsden Woods

Ipsden Woods

Ipsden Woods

Back to Ipsden Woods for a little potter around. Lovely.

Friday night now burger night

Friday night is burger night

We started lockdown with Friday Night is Movie Night. A year on, Chef F has surpassed the accompanying pizza extravaganza with his amazing burger bar. It encompasses Chef H's trademark secret sauce (a ketchup & mayo mix). Yummy yum.

Ewok found a new bench

A new bench ewok

Ewok had enough of the pew and opted for a seat that was a bench with a view.

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