Day trip to Rainier

Posted by aiddy on Sat 05 July 2008


Thanks to Dawn for transport, we had a great day trip to Mount Rainier, stopping off for donuts and a view of the Alder Dam on the way.

Kruz creek


Kautz Creek was a trickle compared with last time we were here . In the November 2006 storm the creek decided it preferred a different route down the mountain



There was still snow at Paradise, but the road was open thank's to the snow blower and snow plough.

Rainier from Paradise


From Paradise we hiked the relatively short, but fun in snow, Nisqually Vista trail...

Nisqually Vista overlook

...which leads to an overlook of the end of the Nisqually glacier.

downhill on a bin bag


On the way back we stopped for a spot of downhill bin-bag sledging.

mountian man

mountain and boy


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