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Leavenworth Lights

Leavonworth Lights

The lights are still up, and the snow is still there. Just.

Best thing about holidays


A holiday means a long trip sometimes by car; a long car trip means McDonalds; therefore, holidays are fun.


At least, that’s F’s world view this weekend.

I’m just glad it’s a rare enough event to be _that_ exciting (McDonalds, not holidays).

Flying Finn

The Flying Finn

No, not Timo Mäkinen .

Saturday Afternoon Lego

Saturday Afternoon Lego with Finn

Nothing quite beats Lego when it comes to a wet and rainy Saturday afternoon.

Three Cups of Tea

Three Cups of Tea

Thanks to Steve for the recommendation.
Thought provoking.

Pinewood Finals

Pinewood Derby: Arsenal Destroyer 81

Here’s the finished car, it’s called Arsenal (someone made a mistake and called it “Arsenal Destroyer” on the official entry)

Race night

H got 2 first’s, I think 4 second’s, 1 third and 1 fourth. Each car raced four times, once in each lane, and the best sixteen went into the final. H got through to the top sixteen and came twelfth!

Derby Cars

Here’s the stats thanks to

Car No. Av. Time (s) Max. Time (s) Min. Time (s) Scaled Speed (mph)
81 3.2055 3.224 3.182 202.07

[guest post by Harvey]

Pinewood Part 2

Base coat


Basecoat done

Finished paint job - waiting for the wheels

The paint job in progress.

Pinewood Part 1




H building a car for the Pinewood Derby, following the “measure twice cut thrice” method.

Basic shape done

With the outline cut to shape and sanded, next step is painting.
(Any guesses on the colours?)

Eagles on the Skagit

Heading up the valley

North up highway 9, hang left to Darrington and then into the deep dark forest until Tom Porters Cabin (1887) in Rockport for a Skagit rafting trip.

Crew reporting for duty

John. River Guide.

The crew were ready, as too was John, our superb river guide.
Sorry Jessica – John got first prize in the hat competition. Fay’s only managed a close second.

Dad with Pootle

Dad with Perkin

For added fun the flumps also joined our merry gang on the raft. Seen here with Dad: Pootle (striped hat) and  Perkin (black hat).

Rafting (and canoeing) the Skagit

As ever when it’s not chucking it down, the scenery in this part of the work is awe-inspiring.

Eagle in a tree

Mr. Eagle

And the Eagles are pretty impressive too.

Skagit & Cascades

Looking East up the Skagit valley into the North Cascades


Netbuster in Red

H ready for another game (almost). Colour coordinated too, although I thought ManU were the red devils...

Goal Tending

Goal Tending

This was a first, H in goal. He did well (a clean sheet) but it’s still not his favourite position to play in.

Ewok’s first hair cut

Ewok: first hair cut

Yup, today we got to see that Ewok has eyes!

Before and after pictures below. Can you tell which is which?

Ewok: after hair cut

Ewok: before hair cut

[Ask the audience hint: look at his paws]
[Phone a friend hint: smell the conditioner!]
[50:50 hint: it’s one of the two]

Fay tells me it’s money well spent, but how would you know?
And I don’t think she was talking about the stylish cravat that he returned from the stylist( yes STYLIST! ) wearing around his newly conditioned neck.

Ewok. He’s an Ewok after all.

One of those days

Hard day at the office

Warning: do not microwave single malt scotch whisky

Sunday Reading

Seattle Times Sunday

Seattle Times on Sunday. It's been a long time since I've read a Sunday paper.




Chapter 4: White

Chapter 4 White
Designing Design, Kenya Hara.
Lars Müller Publishers, Second Edition 2008

Who needs more than two wheels?

Finn, biking at cottage lake without training wheels

Not Finn.
Not stopping is also fun – at least he didn’t end up *in* the lake!

[Thanks Felix!!!!]
[We miss you!!!!!!!!!]
[That’s a plural “you”!!!!!!!!]
[ and a plural “we”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]

Top of the hill

Top of the hill

H & I had a swift ride along the Southern Traverse Trail before it got completely dark.
H, star that he is, managed to ride all the way up the big hill on 184th on the way home.


Mac n' cheese for pudding

F: left over mac and cheese for pudding.


H: crunch bar for pudding

Too many cushions

Too many cushions

‘nuff said.

Dead tree river

Wallace River Logs

Where the trees go when they die.

More Rain Wallace

North Fork Wallace River

Middle Wallace Falls

Wet, rainy and windy new years eve walk along the Wallace River to the picnic shelter at the lower Wallace Falls.
[You can see the snow line at about 1,500ft if you look closely]

Wet Blue Marmot

Spot for a pose

We were nearly the only ones on the trail.


Ewok got very, very, wet. It took hours for him to dry out.

Mossy tree

Green trail

No wonder the moss here grows thick and fast.