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Lonely Tree

Lonely tree

Another in an occasional series.

Lonely Tree

The lonely tree, Breacon Hill, Loughborough

Lonely tree; Beacon Hill (Loughborough) edition. More Beacons.

Climbing Sequoias

The Sequoias

I asked the boys (no, not those boys, nor those, the SMMS boys) for some advice on climbing these lovely specimens. The consensus so far is to start at the bottom, although B is still thinking.

"Time has a different quality in a forest, a different kind of flow. Time moves in circles, and events are linked, even if it's not obvious that they are linked. Events in a forest occur with precision in the flow of tree time, like the motions of an endless dance." The Wild Trees, Richard Preston

Lonely Tree

It's a bit daunting, so I think I'll start with this one. And work my way up.

The Trees

Hands up if you're happy tree

Hands up if you're a happy tree!

The lonely tree

Or a tree all on your own.

Tree line

Or a group of trees all in a respectful line. Must be British trees. Always in a queue.


Autumn Fields

The cows are strip-grazing1 along the lower meadows. If you look really closely (or zoom in a looooooooot) you can glimpse the pod.

Autumn Fields

They're keeping the lonely tree company.

Sunrise for the lonely tree

Sunrise along the riverbank

Early morning stroll to catch the sun rising for the lonely tree.

Another lonely tree

Lonely Tree

It's that lonely tree. Again.

walking through wheat fields

Walking through wheat fields

Walking through wheat fields

Lonely tree

Walking through (or maybe along) wheat fields to (one of) the lonely trees. It's about as far as we get these days.

Lonely Tree

Evening stroll

Evening dog walk with Chris and Kim. The mist rising from the fields as the sun slowly sunk below the horizon. Magical.

A lonely tree

A lonely tree

I love this tree, it's by the car park at the clumps. I can never quite capture it, which is probably part of its charm.

The Lonely Tree

The lonely tree

The lonely tree last January .
It’s still lonely.
I know.
I asked.

Baconsthorpe Castle

Lonely Tree at Baconsthorpe Castle

Boys at Baconsthorpe Castle

or what’s left of it.

Lonely Tree

Lonely Tree

One lonely tree on a bike ride in the new forest.

Lonely tree, with friend the broken fence

Lonely tree, with friend the broken fence

On the edge of the meadows is a lonely tree. There’s fragments of fencing like this all over the place .

Early morning ride

Twin Trees

The boys woke up early – so an excellent excuse to get up and out for a (very) early morning ride to the clumps and back. Starting at a misty two-trees in the field next to the lane.

Lonely Tree

Lonely tree on, I think, Brightwell Barrow, was mist free.

Thames valley

Amazing views from the clumps – of mist filled river valleys.

Morning arrivals into LHR

And morning arrivals into London-Heathrow.

Shillingford Bridge

By the time I got back to Shillingford Bridge the rest of the world was beginning to wake up.

Super day to be out and about.